Italy is Unifying all Sectors Through Education

The referee seminars of the World Judo Tour are now part of the furniture on our calendars.

Juan Carlos Barcos Nominated Co-ordinator Responsible for International Refereeing Seminars

In sport, refereeing is a key element, without which respect for the rules and fair play would be utopian. ...

Twelve Countries Aim High at the IJF Refereeing Seminar in Casablanca

The refereeing seminars of the World Judo Tour are now well established, so much so that it has become ...

Cadet Worlds
Ganbold: 1% Talent and 99% Hard Work

Zagreb is the city of judo right now, for seniors, for cadets, for all judo fans.

Julio Clemente Recognised at the National and International Level

The Dominican Judo Federation recently recognised the amazing work of Julio Clemente Santana, a judo ...

Dushanbe GP
Ramzi Shamirov: Proud to Referee at Home

Ramzi Shamirov is an IJF referee and has also been working for the Tajikistan Judo Federation for many ...

WJC - Doha 2023
IJF Refereeing Commission Communication

In the final contest of the +100kg category of the 2023 World Judo Championships, between the athletes ...

Refereeing Seminar

Follow the EJU refereeing and coaching seminar in Coimbra, Portugal, live.

Tel Aviv GS 2023
A Responsibility to Excel

To be on the World Judo Tour is always really something.

The Scope of Competitive School Judo

This week I attended a regional competition for school children in the UK.

Jerusalem Masters 2022
Rules for Judo and Rules for Life

Florin Daniel Lascau has now spent a year, a whole judo season, spearheading the strategy for refereeing, ...

Judo Pushes Forward Across Africa

The African continent is huge and with its vastness and, in some areas, a lack of robust infrastructure, ...