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The World Cadet Mixed Team Champions are...

After 4 intense, thrilling, joyous days of individual competition, the best cadets in the world have ...

Coaches’ Work is Vital at Sergei Judo Camp

The eighth edition of the Sergei Judo Camp is in full swing in Fiesch, in the Swiss Alps.

Judo and Environmental Education at the Heart of the Sergei Judo Camp

The 8th Sergei Judo Camp has just opened in Fiesch, Switzerland in the presence of participants from ...

The Place to Be

Under the umbrella of the International Judo Federation and Olympic Solidarity (OS), the Sergei Judo ...

Teplice Hosts 1000 Attendees for Their European Cadet Cup

Czechia was the destination for almost 1000 cadets this past weekend, depending on the town of Teplice ...

Continental Events Live

Follow the continental events of the weekend.

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Review: These Athletes Will Change the World

Florin Daniel Lascau is an instrumental figure in world judo.

Cadet Worlds
Technical Analysis, Day 4: Learning Lessons

Today’s review comes from someone whose perspective is a little different from previous editions.

Cadet Worlds: Editorial
Stand Tall, Hold Your Space

I’m going to tell you a story about loss, despair, recovery and the future.

Cadets Build Friendship in Switzerland

Every year, the judo family gathers together in Fiesch, Switzerland, for what has become an important ...

Self-Control: How We Learn

Much is made of the need to be controlled on the tatami, not just in a technical sense but in an emotional ...

The European Youth Olympic Festival is Open

A parade of 48 participating national teams through the town and into the arena in Banská Bystrica signals ...