Carlos Zegarra Presser: Empowering the First

Carlos Zegarra Presser has a broad and challenging remit within the world’s judo family.

Athlete Stories
Maria Portela: a Courageous Career

It’s March 2023 and a stalwart of the Brazilian team has made the hardest decision of her career, to ...

GP Portugal 2023
Conditioning Can Be the Only Difference

On mat 1, right at the beginning of the day, Garcia (VEN) began so strongly against Kapelushnik (ISR), ...

Peru in the News
María Martínez Murciego Becomes the First Peruvian Woman to Grade to 7th Dan

In December, just one month ago, the Royal Spanish Federation of Judo and Associated Sports (RFEJYDA) ...

Baku Grand Slam 2022
Colombia’s New Generation

Coach Baudilio Hernandez is a stalwart of the national team in Colombia.

Senior Worlds 2022
Technical Analysis, Day 6: a Full Contact Debrief

Among the judo fraternity are those who think and analyse and those who embody passion and feel every ...

Veteran Worlds
Effort Supersedes Most Things

Let’s begin from the premise that judo is hard. Let’s also accept that once it gets in your blood, ...

PJC President Meets with Head of State in Cuba

During an official visit to Cuba, the President of the Pan American Judo Confederation, Carlos Zegarra, ...

Pan America and Oceania Are Not Following the Script

The Pan America and Oceania Championships is throwing up some fascinating contests and some results that ...

New Teams to Lead the Continental Unions

Within a week, two continental unions, Africa and Pan-America, proceeded with their respective elections ...

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Now that the children of the world have returned to school, perhaps it is time to remember the pedagogical ...

Gender Equity
The PJC creates the Gender Equality and Equity Commission

On 16th June the Pan American Judo Confederation (PJC) established the Gender Equality and Equity Commission, ...