São Paulo IBSA Grand Prix Day 2: the Comeback of Nicolina Pernheim

The star of day 2 was undoubtedly Nicolina Pernheim.

São Paulo IBSA GP Day 1: Final Test before Continental and World Championships

This weekend 77 athletes from 21 nations came together in Sao Paulo for the third IBSA grand prix of ...

Coach Sarah Menezes

Olympic gold, 3 world championship medals, 12 grand slam medals.

Coach Erika Miranda

In September 2007 a fresh-faced 20 year old Erika Miranda competed at her first senior world championships. ...

Rosi’s Retirement Comes Straight From the Heart

Rosi Campos has been watched and admired on the world stage as both an athlete and a coach.

'Judoquinhas' - A Judo Family

Judoquinhas is a series of projects created in Brazil in 2016, integrating the wisdom of judo with the ...

Judo for Children
Colourful Judo on the Rio Negro River

Judo is everywhere. This is not a fairytale. This is the reality.

Rafael Silva: The Gentle Giant

Who does not know the Brazilian heavyweight Rafael Silva? Twice Olympic medalist, three times on the ...

Part 1: Teams A-F
Complete Guide to #JudoWorlds2018

Part 1 of our Complete Guide to #JudoWorlds2018 covers Teams A-F and 270 judoka from 46 countries!

Brazilian judoka Campos joins CBJ High Performance setup

Former IJF Grand Slam silver medallist and long-time Brazil national team member Katherine Campos has ...

Judoka battling cancer earns black belt

Overcoming challenges and limits is something every judoka lives with since starting out as a white belt. ...

The most inspirational story of 2017

Young Brazilian judoka Cicero Gomes de Souza, a student of the Spring Judo Association Craques do Amanhã ...