Jerusalem Masters 2022
Rules for Judo and Rules for Life

Florin Daniel Lascau has now spent a year, a whole judo season, spearheading the strategy for refereeing, ...

Jerusalem Masters
Athletes, Coaches and Referees are Ready

The feeling in the draw of the IJF World Judo Masters was one of celebration, even before the cameras ...

IJF Academy
IJF Academy Mile Stone Course at the Kodokan

For several years the IJF Academy has proven its effectiveness in delivering teaching content that is ...

Baku Grand Slam 2022
Chasing Olympic Qualification in Beautiful Baku

The draw for the 2022 Baku Grand Slam has been completed and that means the judo itself is not far away. ...

Cadet Worlds
Review: These Athletes Will Change the World

Florin Daniel Lascau is an instrumental figure in world judo.

Junior Worlds
Literally the Spirit of Judo

The end of the individual competition of the Guayaquil Junior World Championships marks the moment to ...

Referees from Asia Level Up

On 10th and 11th May 2022 Almaty in Kazakhstan hosted an IJF refereeing seminar ahead of an examination ...

Refereeing rules
The New Refereeing Rules, Point by Point

As the Tel Aviv Grand Slam came to an end, we asked Florin Daniel Lascau, IJF Head Refereeing Director, ...

IJF Academy
From the IJF Academy to Refereeing

During the last IJF congress, held in Budapest in June 2021, Florin Daniel Lascau moved to form part ...

Education Above Everything

So it’s day one of the first competition of the new Olympic cycle.

Commentator Interviews
Former World Champions Unite the Whole Judo Community as New Champions are Crowned

Throughout this World Judo Championships Hungary 2021, we have been treated to a constant commentary ...

Mr 8th Dan

In 1984 you had to be an athlete to have a future in Romania.