Commentator Interviews
Former World Champions Unite the Whole Judo Community as New Champions are Crowned

Throughout this World Judo Championships Hungary 2021, we have been treated to a constant commentary ...

Mr 8th Dan

In 1984 you had to be an athlete to have a future in Romania.

Mr Juan Carlos Barcos Steps Down

During the 2021 IJF Congress, it was announced that Mr Juan Carlos Barcos is stepping down from his role ...

IJF Academy Featured in the Kodokan's JUDO Magazine

For the first time in its long, esteemed history, the Kodokan had published an article in English in ...

JudoFest 2020: Refereeing Rules

The first edition of the IJF JudoFest streamed on 27th December 2020 and was a veritable smorgasbord ...

Judo in Schools
Judo in Schools and IJF Academy join Forces

IJF Judo in Schools and the IJF Academy are working side by side with the same propose: To educate the ...

Lascau at the Service of the Refereeing Commission

While the Junior World Championships are underway in Marrakech and the senior season and Olympic qualification ...

IJF Academy continues to expand

The IJF Academy continues to grow and to propose training courses in more and more countries.

Technical Analysis DAY 2
Reaching the stars

Everyday of the World Judo Championships Tokyo 2019, we propose you the technical analysis of an IJF ...

The technicians corner
Day 3 Technical Analysis by Daniel Lascau

After three days of competition at the Antalya Grand Prix, Daniel Lascau, World Champion and Sport Director, ...

Day 3 Technical Analysis by Florin Daniel Lascau

The draw provided us with many interesting scenarios and we saw that last year Georgia won all four medals ...

Technical Analysis
IJF Sport Directors Analysis

The IJF Head Sport Director and Daniel Lascau, IJF Sport Director, analyze the two day of competition ...