Baku GS 2024
Essential Moments of Education Continue in Baku

Ahead of the Baku Grand Slam, as is now the case for all World Judo Tour events, the Head Referee Directors ...

Paris Grand Slam Summary and Day 3 Technical Analysis

Three days of electrifying competition have come to an end.

Paris GS 2024
The Mixed Team Event to End All Mixed Team Events

If ever you needed a demonstration of why judo is good for the world, it was right here in Paris on the ...

Medical Commission
Security and Integrity for Fair Decisions

The refereeing meeting which takes place the day before all World Judo Tour competitions is always a ...

Junior Worlds
The Draw is Done and the Referees are Ready

The draw for each event is always a touchpoint, a moment when the excitement escalates and the delegations ...

Zagreb GP
Technical Analysis, Day 1: Education, Tradition and Innovation are the Best of Friends

Olympic champion Urska Zolnir returned to judo in a new role some time ago and is enjoying feeling the ...

Masters 2023
The Judo Family in Unison

Any World Judo Tour competition begins with two important events.

Astana GS
Technical Analysis, Day 3: The Emphasis Remains to Search for Ippon

Florin Daniel Lascau, 1991 world champion, IJF Head Referee Director and the only non-Japanese Shidoin ...

The IJF Academy is Happy in Brazil

Brazil is a country with a long and impressive history in the world of judo.

A New Kodokan Shidoin

The Kodokan Judo Institute, known around the world as the Kodokan, is both the building and the original ...

Grand Slam Paris 2023
Technical Analysis, Day 1: Consistency of Intention

IJF Referee Supervisor Carlo Knoester and IJF Head Referee Director Florin Daniel Lascau have had to ...

Jerusalem Masters 2022
Rules for Judo and Rules for Life

Florin Daniel Lascau has now spent a year, a whole judo season, spearheading the strategy for refereeing, ...