World Judo Day
A Day for Life

As we write these lines, we continue to receive numerous testimonies regarding World Judo Day, which ...

WJD 2023
Rwanda is on the Move

On 22nd October there was a special guest arriving in Kigali, Rwanda, to explore the country with his ...

WJD 2023 - Bring a Friend
Who Did You Bring?

Happy World Judo Day! Bring your friend to Judo is this year's theme - who did you bring today?

WJD 2023 - Bring a Friend
Message from IJF President on World Judo Day

"For more than twelve years, 28th October has marked an important date in our calendar.

WJD 2023
Bring a Friend - NEW

For more than twelve years now, the International Judo Federation has been organising World Judo Day, ...

Solutions and Alternatives

Kamal Mammadov, Assistant to the President of the Azerbaijan National Paralympic Committee, is in Baku ...

WJD 2022 - Inclusion
WJD in Kinshasa, DRC

On 28th October 2022, in a hall of the Martyrs Stadium that was transformed into a dojo, more than 80 ...

WJD 2022 - Inclusion
World Judo Day in Croatia

Every year on 28th October, for Jigoro Kano's birthday, Judo Club Pujanke in Split celebrates World Judo ...

WJD 2022 - Inclusion
World Judo Day in Portugal

A representative of one of the biggest judo schools in Portugal, the school of Olympic bronze medallist ...

WJD 2022 - Inclusion
World Judo Day in France

Due to the school holidays, the Judo Culture and Black Belts Committee of the Gironde Committee proposed ...

WJD 2022 - Inclusion
WJD in Saudi Arabia

World Judo Day 2022 was celebrated in many countries around the world.

WJD 2022

Message From Mr Marius Vizer, International Judo Federation President, on the occasion of the 2022 World ...