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Judo: What Is It All About?

As the Tokyo Olympics are fast approaching, let's look back to a lecture given by Kano Jigoro Shihan ...

Koga Genki

When you are 22 and the son of a true sporting legend, competing on the circuit in which your dad was ...

Nomura: I Want to Learn More

Tadahiro Nomura, born 10th December 1974 in Nara, Japan, is one of the most famous judoka in the world. ...

Athens and Koga

In 2004 I saw Iliadis become the youngest ever male Olympic champion and I witnessed Nomura-San achieve ...

Toshihiko Koga: An Artist Has Gone

The news fell overnight: Toshihiko Koga (JPN) passed away at the age of 53.

2020 All Japan Judo Championship
Traditionally Exciting

For all judo enthusiasts and not just the Japanese, the All Japan Judo Championship for Men and Women ...

Tokyo 2020 Qualification Match

Planet Judo has been waiting for that moment for months.

Interview: the Children’s Way
“Never Give Up - Just Be Stubborn!”

Some judoka just have it! One in particular commands respect and demands your gaze, not via volume or ...

Breaking News
Health First

In light of the continued uncertainty still existing around the Covid-19 pandemic, along with considering ...

The Most Anticipated Match: Abe v. Sone

For more than 100 years (from 1916 for men and 1990 for women), the KINSHUKI High School Team National ...

Special Charity Auction by Japanese Judo Athletes

Many active players such as Ono Shohei or Abe Hifumi, and legendary judoka, like Inoue Kosei or Yamashita ...

New episode
Coffee with Celine - Takato Naohisa

This Monday, Japanese team jokester Takato Naohisa sits down for coffee with Celine!