Tbilisi GS 2023
Technical Analysis, Day 1: Combining Passion With Education

Pino Maddaloni is one of Italy’s national treasures, an Olympic champion and now an IJF Referee Supervisor. ...

IJF Judo Stories Tour
First Steps of the IJF Academy in Cuba

The IJF Academy continues to travel around the world and above all continues to expand in order to offer ...

Growing Together
First IJF Global Media Session

It is accepted that the pace of our judo lives is fast, sometimes very fast, with the need to publish ...

The Scope of Competitive School Judo

This week I attended a regional competition for school children in the UK.

Arts and Sciences
New Issue of ‘The Arts and Sciences of Judo’ is Out!

The IJF and the IJF Academy launched the first volume of the ‘The Arts and Sciences of Judo’ in 2021. ...

The Role of Photography in Judo Education

The Azerbaijan Judo Federation, in collaboration with the IJF, have included in their Baku Grand Slam ...

Education at Home and Away

Li-Ying Chew is 35, a judoka from Malaysia, a country with very little international representation, ...

Cadet Worlds: Editorial
Stand Tall, Hold Your Space

I’m going to tell you a story about loss, despair, recovery and the future.

Arts and Sciences
The New Edition of the Arts and Sciences of Judo Journal Is Online

The new edition of the Arts and Sciences of Judo is now available online.

Coach Stories
Nepal, Blog 8: Coach Kazi Sherpa

Kazi Sherpa is from Jorsale in the Himalayas and is a volunteer judo coach at Everest Judo Club, there ...

Judo Rules - Olympic Cycle 2022-2024

Find below the most updated information about the judo rules (Sport, Education and Medical) for the Olympic ...

The Pilot Projects Are Gearing Up

As the World Judo Tour comes to a close for 2021, the IJF Children’s Commission, the IJF Academy and ...