Put Gold on your Wound and Make it a Strength

A few weeks ago, we left Asmaa Niang (MAR) leaving the tatami of the Abu Dhabi World Championships 2024 ...

I Want to Leave a Mark for Future Generations

If there is one name that comes up in every conversation when visiting Bronx People, it is that of Daniel. ...

Judo for Children
The Art of Change

Among the young people who have been through the Bronx People set-up or who still live there, we have ...

Making the Right Choices

Gabriela's role within Bronx People is crucial. With Daniel Zodian, she co-ordinates many of the activities ...

Judo for All
Follow Your Path

To better understand what is happening within the Bronx People project in Bacau, Romania, whose doors ...

Judo for Children
The House of Happiness

Imagine yourself, in your forties, well established in your working life and you have a nice little family. ...

Qasaqstan Barysy GS
Shirine and Sarah: Self-Control, Emotional Education and All the Right Feelings

Two of the selected home team for the Paris Olympic Games won bronze medals on day one of the Qasaqstan ...

Judo Culture
Judo, a Trans-Generational Sport

Judo is a generational sport. By this we mean that it is perfectly suited to all ages.

Judo Culture
Bowing and Being a True Judoka, Same Fight

It is an element which is an integral part of the attitude of a judoka, an element which cannot be dissociated ...

Judo in Schools
Honduras Invests in Judo in Schools

In the long list of countries that have launched a Judo in Schools programme, Honduras is the latest ...

IJF Academy
Dr Slaviša Bradić Graduates from the University of Hertfordshire With a PhD

Slavisa Bradic has celebrated the successful completion of his doctoral studies, earning a PhD from the ...

Judo for Children
Why Are Our Champions Important to Children?

When we enrol our children in their first judo class, we don't have the slightest idea if one day they ...