Paralympic Qualification Kicks Off in Cagliari, Italy

This weekend the IBSA European Championships were the official start of the 2 year Paralympic qualification ...

São Paulo IBSA Grand Prix Day 2: the Comeback of Nicolina Pernheim

The star of day 2 was undoubtedly Nicolina Pernheim.

São Paulo IBSA GP Day 1: Final Test before Continental and World Championships

This weekend 77 athletes from 21 nations came together in Sao Paulo for the third IBSA grand prix of ...

WJD 2022, Inclusion
WJD 2022: IBSA Grand Prix Nur-Sultan 2022

Nur-Sultan is already the epitome of universal. The most recent IBSA Grand Prix took place in this Kazakh ...

WJD 2022, Inclusion
WJD 2022, VI Grand Prix Day 2: Brazil Steals the Show in Antalya

While Turkey won three categories on day 1, the Brazilian team brought their A game on day two of the ...

WJD 2022, Inclusion
WJD 2022, A Fresh Start for VI Judo at Grand Prix in Antalya

Just three weeks after the IJF Antalya Grand Slam, Turkey again opens their doors to top judo.

Ruvalcaba v. Maldonado – The Latest Chapter

The latest chapter in one of judo’s greatest rivalries was written at the International Blind Sports ...

Martinet and Kaldani Impress at Judo Grand Prix

French Paralympic champion Sandrine Martinet claimed gold on her return to the mat at the 2021 International ...

From Warwick to Tokyo

All roads lead to Tokyo this year. The last of them passes through Great Britain, specifically Warwick.

The Paralympics is Just Around the Corner

Ian Johns is in Baku, Azerbaijan, having just completed his coaching duties as head of delegation with ...

Baku IBSA Judo Grand Prix
New faces Enter the Scene

It’s evident that Paralympic judo is developing rapidly.

Baku IBSA Judo Grand Prix
All About Paralympic Qualification

It has taken over a year and a lot of patience for the athletes of IBSA judo, but there is now some good ...