We saw it with Guusje Steenhuis and Noel Van T End, the Netherlands were counting on a strong and united team to win medals today in Antalya. Thanks to the previous results and even before the last final took place, we could already say: contract fulfilled. The +100kg final only reinforced this impression, as two Dutch athletes qualified after struggling tooth and nail during the preliminaries.
Final, Roy Meyer (NED) vs Jelle Snippe (NED)

Jelle Snippe and Roy Meyer are fighters who don't give up and today they left absolutely nothing behind and they gave even more than anyone could have thought was possible. Most of all they gave energy, unfailing commitment and a determination to win as well.

Gold medallist, Jelle Snippe (NED)

If Roy Meyer was one of the top seeds, although he was not among the first favourites, Snippe came through the first rounds when he was really an outsider. The public expected a lot from their heavyweights, two of them falling victim to Meyer and his explosive judo.

Gold medallist, Jelle Snippe (NED)

It was in golden score that the final was decided as Snippe found the right combination of uchi-mata-o-uchi-gari to score a waza-ari and win a second gold for team Netherlands today.

Bronze medal contest, Woohyeok Song (KOR) vs Levani Matiashvili (GEO)

Woohyeok Song (KOR) and Leani Matiashvili (GEO) met in the first match for a bronze medal and the medal went to Song after Matiashvili was penalised a third time. This is the first medal for Song at this level.

Bronze medal contest, Yevheniy Balyevskyy (UKR) vs Ibrahim Tataroglu (TUR)

Ibrahim Tataroglu (TUR) was the last medal hope for the host country. He was opposed to Yevheniy Balyevski (UKR) for the final bronze medal. It must be noted that Ibrahim Tataroglu is only 17 years old. In front of his public, he scored a massive heavyweight style tani-otoshi before holding his opponent for ippon. Being 17 and already a grand slam winner is not common and we will have to remember that name, Ibrahim Tataroglu. His dad was also a great judoka, Selim Tataroglu, having been twice a world silver medallist. Now it's his son's turn to make a name in judo.

Medals, cheques and flowers were presented by Mr Hüseyin ÖZKAN, Olympic Champion and Mr Mehmet YILMAZ, Vice President of the Turkish Judo Federation

Final (+100 kg)

Bronze Medal Fights (+100 kg)

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