There was muscle, a lot of muscle on the tatami today, many watts too, as the heavyweights exude power and speed in this modern judo that we appreciate so much. In recent months, one of the strong men in the category, undeniably, has been world champion Inal Tasoev (AIN) who has had a serious string of victories, at the world championships of course but also in Ulaanbaatar and Baku more recently.
Final, Inal Tasoev (AIN) vs Erik Abramov (GER)

However, his journey was not that easy today because on the other side he had valiant opponents who did not hesitate to offer him real and skilful opposition. This was the case for the German Losseni Kone for example, who even threw him and scored a well-deserved waza-ari. Tasoev, though, over these recent months has gained confidence. Even in complicated situations, he finds the necessary resources to win.

Final, Inal Tasoev (AIN) and Erik Abramov (GER)

In the final he was opposed by the other German in this category, Erik Abramov, author of a very good performance, even though he was not one of the favourites of the competition. It took less than a minute for Tasoev to pin down Erik Abramov. He scored ippon and earned a new title.

Bronze medal contest, Saba Inaneishvili (GEO) vs Tamerlan Bashaev (AIN)

The first match for a bronze medal was between Saba Inaneishvili (GEO) and Tamerlan Bashaev (AIN). With his small size compared to other athletes in the category, Bashaev is known for going under the centre of gravity of his opponents and that is exactly what he did against Inaneishvili with a superb seoi-nage for ippon. The bronze medal was for Tamerlan Bashaev.

Bronze medal contest, Jelle Snippe (NED) vs Losseni Kone (GER)

It was finally Jelle Snippe (NED) and Losseni Kone (GER) who closed out the bronze medal matches. Having been penalised twice Snippe was under pressure when he performed a waza-ari-worthy technique, an ashi-waza concluded with an immobilisation for ippon. The bronze medal goes to Jelle Snippe.

Medals, cheques and flowers were presented by Mr Cosmin Balcacean, IJF Guest, and Mr Mohamed Jassem, Board member of the UAE Judo Federation

Final (+100 kg)

Bronze Medal Fights (+100 kg)

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