With one exception, Amina Belkadi (ALG), there were only European judoka in the final block at -63kg. The two best of the day, Katarina Kristo (CRO), seventh in Antalya in March, and Sarai Padilla Guerrero (ESP), also seventh, but in Portugal at the very beginning of the season, proved to be the most dangerous through the preliminary rounds.
Final, Katarina Kristo (CRO) vs Sarai Padilla Guerrero (ESP)

It can also be noted that in this category, the only top-four seed to make it to the semi-final stage was Amina Belkadi, who, although eliminated in the semi-finals, still remained in the race for a medal, against Iva Oberan (CRO). The other favourites, such as Renata Zachova (CZE) and Florentina Ivanescu (ROU), had less happy fates, being eliminated during the preliminary phases.

Final, Katarina Kristo (CRO) vs Sarai Padilla Guerrero (ESP)

With a first shido to her name, Katarina Kristo had to get more active if she didn't want to see the contest slip out of her hands but Sarai Padilla Guerrero was also penalised; one shido apiece and time for golden score. Within a few seconds, what she was not capable of doing during normal time, she did in extra time. After a missed koshi-guruma that definitely lacked control, Katarina Kristo countered with yoko-guruma for waza-ari and for the gold medal.

Bronze medal contest, Magdalena Krssakova (AUT) vs Lubjana Piovesana (AUT)

For Austria, who came with a reduced delegation after the Upper Austria Grand Prix, a medal was guaranteed as Magdalena Krssakova and Lubjana Piovesana qualified for a bronze medal contest together. Despite knowing each other perfectly, Magdalena Krssakova produced a superb koshi-guruma, transitioning into a harai-makikommi that left Lubjana Piovesana flat on her back.

Bronze medal contest, Iva Oberan (CRO) vs Amina Belkadi (ALG)

Iva Oberan (CRO) and Amina Belkadi (ALG) battled for the second bronze medal at stake. It didn't take too much time for Iva Oberan to pin her opponent with sangaku-gatame for ippon. This is the third medal in a row in a grand prix for Iva Oberan and the second medal of this category for Croatia.

Medals, Cheques and flowers were presented by Mr Mohammed Meridja, Education & Coaching Director of the International Judo Federation, and Ms Dilbar Rakhim Odilzoba, Deputy Mayor of Dushanbe

Bronze Medal Fights (-63 kg)

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