There were a lot of really good athletes in the second women's category of the day, starting with double world champion Barbara Matic (CRO), determined to regain her domination, at least over her European competitors, after a bronze medal during the continental championships in 2023.
Final, Barbara Matic (CRO) vs Gulnoza Matniyazova (UZB)

Things started very well for Matic, who only took around fifteen seconds to send her American opponent, Yasmin Alamin (USA), to the mat with a broad uchi-mata; classic but effective.

All that remained for the Croatian judoka was to pass Tais Pina (POR), Riho Saiganji (JPN) and Miriam Butkereit (GER) to offer herself a new final on the circuit. Even without knowing the colour of this guaranteed medal, Matic had already won a 26th medal on the circuit, not counting her world and continental podia. Impressive!

Gold medallist, Barbara Matic (CRO)

With a record perhaps a little less brilliant (10 WJT medals) Gulnoza Matniyazova (UZB) nevertheless remains an athlete of great value, whose outings are often rewarded. Today, with great seriousness, she joined Matic to determine the ultimate winner.

With a face-to-face of 4-0 in favour of Matic, it seemed that the final could only go in the direction of the Croatian champion. Halfway to the end, Matniyazova was penalised already twice and was under the threat of a third shido, which did not take long to drop. Matic was never really in danger. She controlled the contest with a lot of professionalism and in the end that offered her the gold medal, one more.

Bronze medallist, Riho Saiganji (JPN)

It remained to award the bronze medals. The first was contested by Riho Saiganji (JPN) and Aoife Coughlan (AUS). The latter was quickly disqualified for applying an armlock in tachi-waza; bronze for Riho Saiganji (JPN).

Bronze medal contest, Kelly Petersen Pollard (GBR) vs Miriam Butkereit (GER)

Kelly Petersen Pollard (GBR) and Miriam Butkereit (GER) fought for access to the podium. After a strong kumi-kata contest, it was time for golden score. Having received a first shido during the first part, Petersen Pollard was penalised a second time, just before Miriam Butkereit produced her effort to throw for waza-ari and a bronze medal for Germany.

Medals, cheques and flowers were presented by Mr Neil Adams, Commentator of the International Judo Federation, World Champion, Double Silver Olympic Medallist, and Member of the IJF Hall of Fame, and Mr Francisco Gaitinha, President of the Referee Association of Portugal

Final (-70 kg)

Bronze Medal Fights (-70 kg)

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