The Polish athlete, Katarzyna Sobierajska, was not among the top favourites of the competition but with a string of victories, she qualified for the final, after defeating the number one seed, Kelly Peterson Pollard (GBR) in the semi-finals.
Final, Katarzyna Sobierajska (POL) vs Margaux Pinot (FRA)

To complete her day, she still had to meet a leading competitor, the Frenchwoman Margaux Pinot. It must be said that Pinot is starting to be one of the most experienced judoka on the circuit. She is mixed team Olympic champion with France and winner of the Paris Grand Slam, among other accolades and we know her ability to transcend herself.

Final, Katarzyna Sobierajska (POL) vs Margaux Pinot (FRA)

We also know that she can experience a drop in performance at the highest level that prevents her from fully expressing herself. Today, during the first part of the competition, she had no problem winning all her fights, even giving the impression of having fun being on the tatami. In this case, it becomes difficult to beat her. What about the final?

Gold medallist, Margaux Pinot (FRA)

Margaux Pinot did not take long to tell her opponent that she was the boss on the tatami, scoring a first waza-ari within a few seconds and then controlling the rest of the contest without problem.

Loriana Kuka (KOS) is part of this young generation of the Kosovar school which is rising. Today, opposed by Katie-Jemima Yeats-Brown (GBR), she had the chance to reach a WJT podium. Katie-Jemima Yeats-Brown being unable to compete, the bronze medal went to Loriana Kuka.

Bronze medallist, Loriana Kuka (KOS)

Serafina Moscalu (ROU) showed great judo and great commitment during the first part of the competition. Up against Kelly Petersen Pollard (GBR), she had the opportunity to end her day in style. Petersen Pollard received a first shido for breaking the grip without keeping at least one hand on her opponent's judogi, which is not allowed.

Bronze medal contest, Serafima Moscalu (ROU) vs Kelly Petersen Pollard (GBR)

After receiving a second shido, Petersen Pollard didn't make any more mistakes, to reach the golden score together with Moscalu, putting the latter in a favourable position. But golden scores being golden scores means everything can happen. Kelly Petersen Pollard eventually converted the try with a left seoi-nage for waza-ari to win her third bronze medal at grand prix level.

Medals, Cheques and flowers were presented by Mr Vlad Marinescu, Director General of the International Judo Federation, and Mr Sukhrob Sohibov, Director of the Sanatorium “Shohambfri”

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