In three participations at the junior world championships, Lieke Derks (NED) has gained a lot of experience. Unplaced in 2021, she won the bronze medal last year in Guayaquil. Number one seed in Odivelas, in the wake of her junior European title a few weeks ago in the Hague at home, she qualified for her first world final with flying colours. During her first contest, she inflicted a powerful ko-soto-gari on Laura Volo Machin (ESP), before winning by waza-ari against Brenda Olaya (COL), and then scored ippon again against the Frenchwoman Ilana Bouvier, who had previously eliminated the Japanese Yume Hirano.

Derks' journey is indicative of what we often observe among juniors: a first year of discovery and running-in before a first performance, confirmed during the third year to conclude a cycle ideally launched for full entry into the seniors ranks.

Junior World Champion, Minju Kim (KOR)

It was an off day in this category for the Japanese judoka, as Mika Nakano was also eliminated prematurely, allowing Minju Kim (KOR) to join Derks in the final.

Bronze medal contest, Brenda Olaya (COL) vs Khuslen Otgonbayar (MGL)

Minju Kim upset the ranking by blocking any attempt from Derks and by scoring twice with a shoulder movement. Derks had to settle for the silver, while Kim could enjoy her junior world title.

Bronze medallist, Brenda Olaya (COL)

Colombia, with Brenda Olaya (COL) had the chance of a medal. To do this she still had to pass the Khuslen Otgonbayar (MGL) obstacle. With two shido to her name, Otgonbayar was under pressure as the golden score period began. Bothered by her opponent’s unorthodox way of fighting, she was often standing in a defensive position, which Brenda Olaya eventually took advantage of with an o-uchi-gari for waza-ari and a well deserved medal for her, for Colombia and for Pan America.

Bronze medal contest, Eva Ronja Buddenkotte (GER) vs Ilana bouvier (FRA)
Bronze medallist, Ilana bouvier (FRA)

Eva Ronja Buddenkotte (GER) and Ilana Bouvier (FRA) faced each other in the second match for a bronze medal. The first waza-ari came from a clever change of direction from Bouvier with an o-uchi-gari conclusion. The same situation happened a few seconds later for the same conclusion and a second waza-ari for Bouvier. The bronze medal was for France.

Medal, cheques and flowers were presented by Dr Antonio Castro, International Judo Federation Ambassador & Chairman of the IJF Medical Commission, and Mr Francisco Gaitinha, President of the National Judo Referee Association of Portugal

Final (-78 kg)

Bronze Medal Fights (-78 kg)

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