The Azerbaijan Judo Federation (AJF) continues to take a series of actions to develop judo in the country. Among the most important work done so far is the professional development of coaching skills.

This is the reason why, since March 2022, the AJF has been working in close co-operation with the IJF Academy and has been participating in seminars and practical sessions conducted by the Academy experts.

From 6th to 18th February the IJF Academy visited Azerbaijan to implement the Judo Coaching Certification Programme. 79 coaches participated in the activities. Everything was organised together with the National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan and with the financial support of the Olympic Solidarity.

Envic Galea, Director of the IJF Academy, Dr Tibor Kozsla, Programme Manager, Florin Daniel Lascau, the Sports Director of the Academy, and other experts, participated in training and examination across the 14 days. 68 coaches successfully passed the examination and obtained their IJF Academy judo coaching certificate.

During the opening ceremony of the session, AJF Secretary General, Rashad Rasullu, thanked the Academy experts and Mr Marius Vizer, the IJF President, as well as the NOC, for implementating the programme, “Our coaches will later use the knowledge and skills acquired under this programme and thus make a contribution to the development of judo in Azerbaijan. This year we will have another 55 judo coaches who will begin their studies with the Academy.”

Elnur Mammadli, AJF Vice-President and Envic Galea

“We pay special attention to Azerbaijan. Experts have already visited Azerbaijan to train coaches 4 times. Our main principle is to help coaches to pass examinations successfully. All the coaches here are good, but it is of special importance to always learn more towards become even better coaches,” said Envic Galea.

According to Florin Daniel Lascau, the activities in the country will push the development of judo, “The AJF pays attention to the development of judo at all levels, including the individual approach to children, adolescents and each athlete of the national judo team. The State’s attitude towards sports is also important. Azerbaijan is at the forefront of this issue.”

Tina Trstenjak, IJF Expert and Olympic champion

The aim of the AJF is not only to benefit from the Academy’s assistance but also from the experience of experts. Thus, Tina Trstenjak, IJF Expert and Olympic champion, held master classes for members of the national teams of teenagers, as well as special classes for female judoka. She demonstrated a number of judo techniques and, in particular, those she used in international tournaments including the Olympic Games. According to the Olympic champion, there are girls in the country who have a great capacity and they will become advanced professional athletes in the future and get results at the international level.

During their stay in Azerbaijan, IJF Academy experts met with representatives of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the State Academy of Physical Culture and Sports of the Republic of Azerbaijan to further enhance the co-operation.

IJF Acedemy experts

There is no doubt that with all the effort made by the Azerbaijan Judo Federation, the level of judo in the country, which is already high, will keep improving in the years to come.

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