We were saddened to learn of the passing of Gerhard Fleißner, honorary president of the Bayerischer Judo-Verband (BJV).

Gerhard Fleißner's judo career began in 1964 in Bamberg, then Coburg, Bavaria. Passionate about refereeing, he became involved in this sector and remained active for more than thirty years.

Within the BJV, he had a significant impact during 14 years as a referee, 6 years as vice-president and 8 years as president. During his career, he occupied several positions serving the interests of judo in Bavaria and nationally, beyond the practice of the sport itself. He was part of the legal committee of the DJB (Deutscher Judo-Bund).

During his many years of work, Gerhard Fleißner was recognised several times, including with the Medal of Honour from the Bavarian State Ministry for special services to sport. In recent years he had become honorary president of the BJV. In 2020, he received the grade of 8th dan.

The judo family offers its most sincere condolences to the family of Gerhard Fleißner, as well as to all his judo friends.

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