In July 2020 we were pleased to offer a celebratory birthday message to Hana Sekine nee Koizumi, as she turned 100. Hers was an entire century enveloped in the sport, it’s values and its pioneers.

Hana, along with her husband, Percy Sekine, established and ran the London Judokan for 50 years, having enjoyed an incredible upbringing as the daughter of Gunji Koizumi, the father of British Judo and the man behind the famous Budokwai in the U.K.

L-R: Gunji Koizumi, Hana Sekine, Percy Sekine. Photo courtesy of John Bowen

Hana passed away on Saturday evening and her absence is already felt by all who knew her. Close friend Bill Musgrove said, “Hana Sekine was a refined, kind and splendid lady. Her name was synonymous with judo. We will all miss Hana so much."

The IJF offer sincere condolences to Hana’s family and friends and to the British judo community, whom she served without question throughout her long and vibrant life.

Photo courtesy of David Finch
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