The second and final day of the IBSA Judo Grand Prix Tbilisi 2024 in Georgia saw a steady day of competition in the higher weight categories. At the Tbilisi Olympic Palace, while there were not many surprises in the outcome, there will always be a few special moments to note. Many results will be likely to have an impact on the soon-to-be updated Paralympic ranking list.

J2 -70kg

Although the division was small in numbers, a group of quality judoka was on display. The final battle for the top spot on the podium was expected to be decided between Paralympic ranking leader Wang Yue (CHN) and Alana Maldonado (BRA). In Tbilisi, it was for the third time in a row that the Brazilian had to settle for silver.

1. WANG, Yue (CHN) 2. MALDONADO, Alana (BRA) 3. HUSEYNOVA, Khanim (AZE) 3. OGAWA, Kazusa (JPN)

J1 -57kg

This category provided a clear illustration of the current Paralympic ranking, with Yijie Shi (CHN) once again demonstrating her leading position. Both bronze medals were won via an osae-komi waza, while the final saw China’s Shi throw current world champion Dondu Yesilyurt (TUR) for ippon with a seoi-nage.

1. SHI, Yijie (CHN) 2. YESILYURT, Dondu (TUR) 3. HAVRYSIUK, Anzhela (UKR) 3. MUTIA, Liana (USA) 5. SILVA, Larissa (BRA) 5. AMRIEVA, Uljon (UZB)

J1 -90kg

Algeria’s Youcef Radjai made a surprising move, first taking out Bauyrzhan Arstanbekov (KAZ) and then upsetting Saba Bagdavadze (GEO). Although he was unable to overcome the eventual winner, Arthur Cavalcante Da Silva (BRA), he did manage to secure a bronze medal, having initially been a waza-ari behind against Turgun Abdiev (UZB). It was a crucial moment for Kazakh competitor Arstanbekov, who despite an early setback against Radjai, demonstrated resilience and determination to secure a bronze medal, defeating Mousa Gholami (IRI) in the process.

1. CAVALCANTE DA SILVA, Arthur (BRA) 2. POWELL, Daniel (GBR) 3. ARSTANBEKOV, Bauyrzhan (KAZ) 3. RADJAI, Youcef (ALG) 5. GHOLAMI, Mousa (IRI) 5. ABDIEV, Turgun (UZB)

J1 -70kg

The competition was between judoka who had already qualified in this weight class. While the outcome was not unexpected, the athletes provided an entertaining and eventful day of judo with plenty of impressive throws. In the final, Liu Li (CHN) initially 'tripped over' for a waza-ari against Brenda Souza De Freitas (BRA) but was able to pull out her excellent ne-waza skills to secure victory.

1. LIU, Li (CHN) 2. SOUZA DE FREITAS, Brenda (BRA) 3. BOGGIANO, Nadia Agostina (ARG) 3. PASCHALIDOU, Theodora (GRE) 5. PERNHEIM GOODRICH, Nicolina (SWE) 5. LKHAIJAV, Turuunaa (MGL)

J1 +90kg

It would be fair to say that Ion Basoc (MDA) was understandably pleased with himself when he threw Wilians De Araujo (BRA) within the first 10 seconds of their final bout. Prior to that moment, the Brazilian athlete had been causing some trouble for Basoc on a number of occasions. There are a few contests that are likely to be particularly exciting during the Summer Games and this is certainly one of them.

1. BASOC, Ion (MDA) 2. DE ARAUJO, Wilians (BRA) 3. GRANDRY, Jason (FRA) 3. CHETOUANE, Abderrahmane (ALG) 5. UTEPOV, Yerlan (KAZ) 5. KIPSHIDZE, Ramini (GEO)

J1 +70kg

This weight category has also provided a final line-up of already qualified athletes. Anastasiia Harnyk (UKR) showed full control throughout the day and will be a force to be reckoned with in Paris where the current world champion will be called upon to at least secure a medal finish.

1. HARNYK, Anastasiia (UKR) 2. ZOAGA, Erika (BRA) 3. AKIN GUNES, Nazan (TUR) 3. SANABRIA ALCALA, Danitza Yoccelin (VEN) 5. ERGASHEVA, Feruza (UZB) 5. GARCIA, Christella (USA)

J2 -90kg

In this division, the situation regarding Helios Latchoumanaya (FRA) is one that is attracting a great deal of attention. The French judoka demonstrated his abilities in three contests, showcasing both excellent technical and tactical skills. The current world champion has made it clear that he is ready to face any challenges that may arise from the other athletes in Paris.

1. LATCHOUMANAYA, Helios (FRA) 2. KAROMATOV, Davurkhon (UZB) 3. NAZARENKO, Oleksandr (UKR) 3. CASANOVA, Marcelo (BRA) 5. MOLLOY, Evan (GBR) 5. GORAL, Daniel Rafael (GER)

J2 +70kg

By having an all-Kazakh final via Aidana Gazizkyzy and Zarina Raifova, the country ensured that it would have a seeded judoka in this weight class, whoever they select to be the one flying to Paris in a few weeks. Despite winning bronze by default, Mokhinur Parmonova (UZB) has set herself up for a potential quota place towards the Paris 2024 Paralympics.

1. GAZIZKYZY, Aidana (KAZ) 2. RAIFOVA, Zarina (KAZ) 3. HERNANDEZ ESTUPINAN, Sheyla Samarian (CUB) 3. PARMONOVA, Mokhinur (UZB) 5. SILVA, Rebeca (BRA) 5. COSTA, Carolina (ITA)

J2 +90kg

They say save the best for last and that's exactly what home favourite Revaz Chikoidze (GEO) did. He took out top athletes one by one and in the final he met Yerlan Konkiyev (KAZ). Right off the bat, he stunned his opponent with a kosoto-gake. In just 12 seconds, the IBSA Tbilisi Grand Prix 2024 came to an end with a standing ovation from the home supporters.

1. CHIKOIDZE, Revaz (GEO) 2. KONKIYEV, Yerlan (KAZ) 3. BOLUKBASI, Ibrahim (TUR) 3. SHUKURBEKOV, Zhurkamyrza (KAZ) 5. HODGSON, Jack (GBR) 5. JUNIOR, Sergio (BRA)

The Paris 2024 Paralympic qualification for judo is now officially over. The final line-up of all Para judo athletes will be available by the end of July. From now until September, the preparation phase will be underway for those heading to the city of love. The judo event at the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games will take place at the Champ-de-Mars Arena from 5th to 7th September.

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