IJF President Marius Vizer staged his third Twitter question and answer session of 2017 on Tuesday in the IJF Presidential Office in Budapest, Hungary.

Mr. Vizer answered questions from judoka, media, fans, coaches and national judo federations during a two-day annual IJF IT, Media and Broadcasting seminar.

Full Q&A transcript:

Q - @jamesmatthewsky: The sport's founder apart, who would you pick out as your all-time judo hero, and why? #AskVizer
MV: I have answered just today to some questions for the new book of Mr. George Kerr. Very nice questions from a judo legend who I appreciate and respect very much #AskVizer

Q - @jacquessan: #AskVizer Small proposal new rules: a max of 4 or....wazaris instead of the unlimited obtaining now?! Btw Congrats new rules
MV: Thank you very much. Your appreciation is encouraging as for the future for limitations for the number of waza-ari's we will evaluate this after the Worlds in Budapest.

Q - @LiKanra: #AskVizer why are the less GP tournaments this year? There is no GP at Cuba, Mongolia and Kazakhstan in 2017. 6 less than 2016.
MV: The criteria to organise a GP & in general World Judo Tour events are according to certain standards which have to be followed by organisers so we have replaced some locations with new events.

Q - @dojooutfitters: What are the chances we can get each Bronze match broadcasted instead of having them run simultaneously? #AskVizer
MV: We would like to do that always but sometimes it depends on the local logistics & infrastructure of broadcaster. However, we will try to do our best in this regard.

Q - @danpsport: #AskVizer Now they have been used at more competitions, what is your view on the changes to judo rules?
MV: We are just at the start of the new period. The present results are encouraging us in the sense that we made the right decisions and even if it is a little soon we have already the feedback for the period after the Worlds in Budapest when we go to manage the final version of the rules.

Q - @mjdo27: Would you like to see Teddy Riner compete more frequently? How can you achieve this? #AskVizer
MV: Teddy is a great athlete and a big champion but frankly speaking I would like to see him more often in the big events.

Q - @Deco_Baker: I would like to see more live streaming activities w champions. What do you think? #AskVizer
MV: Today we discussed this topic at the Media and IT seminar in Budapest and we are working on it.

Q - @LMorgan21: If you were a member of the IOC, would you support the joint awarding of the 2024/2028 Olympics? #AskVizer
MV: Today I have the honour to represent the judo sport and sure I would agree with the idea to award at the same time two Olympics. In case that it's a decision in conformity with the IOC charter & the fairness of the procedure
Q - @Marke09Mark But what if that city does not want 2028 due to the increased costs that will follow and other city bids? #AskVizer
MV: With all respect it would be better to address this question with the IOC #AskVizer

Q - @PuroWorld: What accomplishments are you most proud of during your time to date as @IntJudoFed President? #AskVizer
MV: I am very proud to work together with a nice team for the judo development in the world to make the judo as popular as possible and to transfer the values of our sport to the society. I think the subject we can be most proud of is the World Judo Tour & modernisation of our sport according with the new standards and models of society. 

Q - @Reiko_K_Chinen: Dear Mr Vizer, Where is best Weigh-in room at #Olympics? Venue: area is limited. OV: TOs not allowed to enter. Somewhere near OV: cost $$$
MV: In my opinion maybe the Olympic village as the judoka are in place there #AskVizer

Q - @Reiko_K_Chinen: Mr @MariusVizer How do you expect request of @IntJudoFed to #IOC for new Team Event at #Tokyo2020? Will it pass?
MV: If I would be in their position I would award with enthusiasm the team event for judo because it is not only something new but enthusiastic and the best example of promoting joint teams, men & women, in a spectacular sport in the native country of judo.

Q - @MrGeorgeThorpe: #AskVizer with all the talk about Rio 2016 legacy, what do you think of the legacy which has been left behind for judo in Brazil post games?
MV: The 1st gold for Brazil in Rio Olympics was coming from our judoka @Rafaelasilvaa who is the best example of a champion in the life. For all the Brazilian society the judo is the best sport for education, integration, unity and discipline.

Q - @NickJMButler: #AskVizer Do you agree with the changes proposed by new SportAccord head Patrick Baumann, incl. the name change back to GAISF?
MV: When there is a beneficial decision for all SportAccord members I can accept that. As well because always my interest is the interest of the sport.

Q - @KNutley_ATR: What are your thoughts on awarding 2024 & 2028 Olympics at same time? How could it affect judo? #AskVizer @MariusVizer
MV: For judo it could be great and I think would it make things easier for the next bid strategy.

Q - @JudoBilbao: #AskVizer Hello Mr president, it is true that IJF is thinking of allow again leg grip techniques? Thank you
MV: Not so far as I know :) 

Q - @KNutley_ATR: Thoughts about direction SportAccord is heading? Do you think Feds have enough say in Olympic Movement #AskVizer @MariusVizer
MV: I don't know what the other Federations want to say or not so far I know that myself I always will express my opinion for the benefit of the sport.

Q - @MaxWinters123: What were the reasons behind The Hague in The Netherlands being awarded an IJF Grand Prix event from this year? #AskVizer
MV: The Netherlands is one of the founding countries of the European & International Judo Federation. The judo is more than a sport in Holland & it's a country with great results in our sport #AskVizer

Q - @Daniel_Etchells: What can we expect from this year's #WorldJudoDay in terms of activities? #AskVizer
MV: Courage. This is the theme for #WorldJudoDay 2017 on 28 October, the birth date of our founder Jigoro Kano #AskVizer

Q - @JudoBilbao: #AskVizer We think, streaming of ijf events in http://ippon.tv  must have the scoreboard in all the channels of tatamis could be?
MV: We will do our best to manage that. Thank you for the question.

Q - @KNutley_ATR: How much of a boost will the IJF receive with the next Summer Olympics taking place in Tokyo? #AskVizer @MariusVizer
MV: In Tokyo I hope to get the team event in which will be the step to the next standard of the development of our sport. Tokyo 1964 wrote history for our sport and through the team event we can design a new future for our sport.

Q - @nikagurini: Hello. Will IJF recognize and join the 4th Islamic games "Baku 2017"?  @MariusVizer #AskVizer @IntJudoFed
MV: Really speaking I think the sport events based on religious criteria are not the best solution for the unity of the world but maybe this time can be an inspiration and a tool to promote the real positive values of this community.

Q - @Mongoljudo: #Mongolian Judo would like to promote and organize team club competition in Asia. #AskVizer
MV: We will take into consideration your proposal and we will come back to you. Happy birthday to you today Bukhbat!

Q - @NickJMButler: #AskVizer What is the progress on preparing for the World Junior Champs in North Korea, given current political tensions there?
MV: We are in the process of re-evaluating this opportunity and probably we will postpone until a more peaceful period.

Q - @lavidajudoka: I have noticed the women's divisions have more ippon and less hansokumake.  Why do you think that is happening? #AskVizer
MV: Probably because they are respecting more the gentle way of judo and they are more disciplined compared to the men ;)

Q - @Welsh_Judo: Would it possible for our Event Organiser to visit an IJF event backstage to see how operations run a grand scale? #AskVizer
MV: With pleasure for the World Championships in Budapest #AskVizer

Q - @19mkt75: #AskVizer Hello, in future will the IJF hold some competition for only the groundworks?
MV: We are not excluding that possibility.

Q - @nikagurini: last Ques, when will be available Rio2016 Judo meeting Videos on Judobase? Now videos are "private". @MariusVizer #AskVizer @IntJudoFed
MV: Hi Nikoloz, the IOC has all the rights and has uploaded the content to their YouTube channel #AskVizer

Q - @anaysicub [Editor's note - Beijing 2008 Olympic silver medallist]: Thank you so much for letting me be part of the Academy. I will do my best to be successful.Thanks IJF#AsKVizer
MV: Thank you to you and good luck #AskVizer

Q - @judorugby1: Is it possible to let children lead out fighters before finals or competitions? #everyjourneystartswithonestep. MarkPickering @MariusVizer
MV: Sure why not #AskVizer

Q - @EwanMacKenna: As a fellow man of judo, how do you feel about Pat Hickey?
MV: At the moment the presumption of innocence prevails until the final decision of the court. I would like to believe that Patrick, who is also a member of our community & a friend, would never break the rules of ethics and fairness.

Q - @kinnikukozou: #AskVizer In japan, judo's popularity is decreasing even though japanese judokas got many medals at rio game. What do you think about it?
MV: Even in a modern society like Japan is today I consider that they should conserve and transmit to the next generations the spirit and traditions of Japanese values and judo is one of them.

Q - @FERNANDES_1979: If we have gold backnumbers...Why not silver and bronze backnumbers for the medallists at the last olympics? #AskVizer
MV: I would not exclude that but we took this decision for promoting our champions in the media and I think that the version that you proposed would be too complicated for the media.

Q - @nikagurini: Has IJF any project or Internship Program for Judo Fans around the world?e.g videomaker, photograph or . #AskVizer @IntJudoFed
MV: I invite you to collaborate with our media team.

MV: Thank you everyone for taking part and sending your questions today. We will host the next Twitter Q&A session on the weekend of the Grand Slam in Russia in May. Thank you all.

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