IJF President Twitter Q+A Transcript

Author: Mark Pickering, on 16. Jun 2017

IJF President Mr. Marius Vizer held his latest Twitter Q&A session on Friday morning in Cancun ahead of day one of #JudoCancun2017. Read the full transcript below:

Q - @Deco_Baker : Do you think this edition of the Worlds 2017 is the biggest ever? #AskVizer
MV: I hope so. Always the Worlds has to be better than the previous edition. That is the sense of development and promotion #AskVizer

Q - @Deco_Baker: What is your next big goal for judo after the Mixed Teams success? #AskVizer
MV: To increase judo for all communities and to make the judo attractive to all ages as well as to promote the universality of judo. Also, to increase the judo popularity among and for all society, to promote the image of the judo heroes to make our athletes well-known.

Q - @PuroWorld: What attracted the IJF to Cancun to host a Grand Prix? #AskVizer
MV: Mexico is on the way to becoming a great judo country, it is a good boost for them as well to host a Grand Prix. At the moment it is the only IJF WJT event in Pan America. It is a nice part of the world, with good connections, offering the judoka as well an opportunity to enjoy the location & as well we have the support of the local government to organise the event #AskVizer #JudoCancun2017

Q - @PuroWorld: Do you think Japan could dominate the mixed team event for years to come? #AskVizer
MV: I think Japan has always been a challenger for team titles but of course we have many other nations which are strong & motivated for teams like France, Russia, Georgia, Mongolia, South Korea, Brazil, Canada, Azerbaijan and the Netherlands and so on. The mixed team event will be a little different from the previous team events but I think will generate a lot of enthusiasm and satisfaction.

Q - @RoyJudo: I am pleased you are taking the sport of judo forward, regardless of disability or ethnic origin. Inclusive for all.
MV: Thank you for your comment Roy, we are doing our best to cover all judo sectors #AskVizer

Q - @mjdo27: Who won the game of backgammon between you and @TeddyRiner? #AskVizer
MV: .@teddyriner has to improve his knowledge in this field #AskVizer

Q - @PuroWorld: Will the Cancun GP be held from 2017-2020? #AskVizer
MV: We have a contract for 1 additional year in 2018 and after we move to a different destination based on our strategy and model and the universality of judo #AskVizer

Q - @CrazyJudoCanuck: #AskVizer Legends of the sport are bringing out autobiographies, great way to spread the word! Have you read @NeilAdamsJudo #agameofthrows
MV: I congratulate @NeilAdamsJudo but I have not had the honour the receive his new book #AskVizer

Q - @NeilAdamsJudo: #AskVizer Great news re the mixed teams in 2020! I know you've fought hard for this How do u think it has changed the balance in a + way?
MV: It gives our sport more credibility and power in the Olympic movement but in general as well and be ready you will be very  busy for our next project #AskVizer

Q - @lavidajudoka: @MariusVizer When did the process to have a new team event added to the @Olympics start? #AskVizer
MV: In the end of 2013 we first started this with a good application but unfortunately the previous IOC President in July 2014 cancelled the application of the summer Olympic sports for new events in Rio 2016. President Bach has successfully renewed this project and on that way I want to thank the IOC & all our judo community for their work and support with this project and in particular Japan #AskVizer

Q - @NeilAdamsJudo: #AskVizer Really feel the rules are making positive changes & bringing back the excitement. What are your thoughts with the current system?
MV: I feel technically the judo according to the new rules is moving in the right way & after the Worlds we have to adjust some small details. I am convinced from January 2018 everyone will have the chance to enjoy spectacular judo #AskVizer

Q - @Yashpalsolanki: A big thank you to the technical team behind the changes.
MV: Thank you for your comment #AskVizer

Q - @NikaGurini: What do u think, How can develop Judo PR. Management?Do you have any strategy? We know that,  is very important.. #AskVizer @MariusVizer
MV: When I became IJF President in 2007 in Rio, I promised to implement a general reform in our sport. It is still occurring & the reforms have been reflected in all judo sectors. Management, technical, finances, media, competition, sponsorship and promotion. But we are just in the middle of our goal and there is a lot of work ahead in the future #AskVizer

Q - @MariRiquelme: Dear @MariusVizer even when Venezuela will compete without the IJF flag? #AskVizer
MV: Today they compete under the IJF flag but soon will have the chance to compete representing their country #AskVizer

Q - @MendezDeporte: Your work at the head of the IJF has made possible a worldwide development of the judo, its popularity and the values it transmits #askVizer
MV: Thank you very much for your appreciation, it is a team effort and I want to thank all our nation fed's and cont. unions for their support and trust at all times #AskVizer

Q - @jivieno135: Good morning mr. President.When will leg grabs come back?#AskVizer
MV: I feel now that leg grabs are not an important aspect of the methodology of our sport #AskVizer

Q - @maestroukemi: #AskVizer  What does a small federation of judo have to do, to create a social aid department? How can the IJF help you?
MV: As IJF we are ready to do all our best efforts but have to have synergy with national fed's to achieve the maximum. The IJF is on the way with a project to promote judo in schools and to start soon a big judo promotion in the US next. You will see soon.

Q - @MendezDeporte: When do you think the new rules will be approved after Budapest 2017 #AskVizer
MV: From January 2018 the minor changes will be used at all IJF events. Watch this space for small post-Budapest changes #AskVizer

Q - @FVJudo: Dear @MariusVizer Venezuelan judo thanks you for your immense support with our selection and federation C/C @Kati_santaella #AskVizer
MV: Thank you, it is my honour & duty of IJF to support you & generally all nation federations according to their work, projects & achievements and believe me @FVJudo is in this case #AskVizer

Q - @MendezDeporte: Thanks also for the contribution to Cuban judo #askVizer
MV: Definitely Cuban judo is very important in the judo movement, IJF supports them, since a long time, they have a new generation of judoka and coaches. I hope together they can structure a new strategy and a successful new generation but for that it is time for the government to support them as well #AskVizer

Q - @mjdo27: Do you think there is still room for a shortened version of a judo event? Like 20/20 #AskVizer
MV: I think the mixed team event is an example of this. I hope you will watch it in Budapest Michael #AskVizer

Q - @necks01: I am so looking forward and excited to watching the next world championships in Budapest, what an amazing showcase for the sport of JUDO.
MV: TY Neil. I look forward to seeing your art exhibition and seeing you again in Budapest @necks01 #AskVizer

Q - @vahid003_f: @MariusVizer What's your program to show Judo more powerful and excitedly to the world because people often think it's just boring throwing?
MV: Dear Vahid, I encourage you to watch the World Judo Championships in August and I hope it is to your satisfaction. It's also a matter of loving and understanding our sport. We are open to any creative and credible suggestions at all times #AskVizer

Q - @vanessazambotti: Welcome to Mexico @ Mr. @MariusVizer !!!
MV: Thank you Vanessa, congratulations on everything you have achieved in judo. I want to wish you the best in your professional life and good luck for the future and judo will always support you.

MV: Thank you for following and supporting the judo and please enjoy #JudoCancun2017 We will stage the next Twitter Q&A on 13 July and will inform you with all the details before then. Thank you everyone #AskVizer

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