The International Judo Federation is extremely concerned over the hostilities in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. We mourn the lives that have been lost in this violence, including a number of athletes, and hope that by relying on our common values, both sides can cease violence and resume peaceful negotiations.

The IJF has member National Federations which are active in both countries involved in the conflict, both of which are part of the judo family. Therefore, it is vital that the conflicts stop, as it has a negative impact on all sectors of society, also including sport and judo.

The IJF has always been committed to advocating Peace - in all forms, in all parts of the world. For many years, the IJF has been promoting peace through various impactful projects such as Judo for Peace, which uses our common moral code and values as a catalyst for positive social change in impoverished and conflict areas.

We are on the side of a peaceful resolution, global friendship and prosperity.

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