The Judo Mixed Team Event in the Olympic Games. Message from Marius L. Vizer, IJF President.

Dear Friends,

I’m very happy and proud to announce that the Judo Mixed Team Event was selected to be part of the Olympic Games, starting with Tokyo 2020 .

The judo family would like to thank to: IOC, ASOIF, the IOC Executive Board, the IOC Program Commission, the IOC Sports Department, the Tokyo 2020 Coordination Commission for the trust and recognition of our sport and its values for society.

The judo community is today proud and happy, and we want to share this honor and respect to our Father Jigoro Kano.

The Judo Mixed Team Event in the Olympic Games is a dream come true for the Judo Family and the fact that we will start in Tokyo, the homeland of our sport makes it all more special.

We would like to thank Japan for all their support and for the chance to have this event for the first time in Tokyo!

I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to all the judoka in the world for their contribution to the development and promotion of our sport and its values worldwide.

I would also like to thank all international media and our sponsors and partners for their big support in the development and promotion of our beautiful sport.

I believe the Mixed Team Event in the Olympics will strongly contribute to the popularity of the Olympic Movement and to the values of the Olympic Games.

Thank you,

Marius L. Vizer
IJF President

Competition Format
One extra day of judo following seven days individual action across 14 weight categories, will see teams of three male judoka (-73kg, -90kg +90kg) and three female judoka (-57kg, -70kg, +70kg) join forces to bid to become the inaugural Olympic Judo Team Champions. Athletes will come from the individual competition and the format will be a quarterfinal repechage, with the four (4) best teams seeded. The schedule will see the final block composed of the medal contests only, all taking place on one (1) mat. A minimum of 12 teams will be expected to take part in this exciting format. Each team will be made up of athletes who qualified for the individual competition, taking into consideration their world ranking points for individual Olympic Games qualification.

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