A few days ago, we announced the appointment of Sabrina Filzmoser (AUT) and Flavio Canto (BRA) as IJF climate ambassadors and we also told you that they will soon be involved with concrete projects to help us save our planet. This time has come... now.

On Thursday 10 December, 2020, we are launching a new game on the JudoFit Kids Golden League platform, in which you are able to test your knowledge about climate change, this threat that puts us all in danger if we don't do anything.

For several weeks, you have been more and more to join the JudoFit Kids Golden League. To date, we received more than 2,500 contributions from 48 different countries. This is amazing but it's not over yet and there are many more golden cards to win.

We have now released the Judo Climate Quiz as part of the JudoFit Golden League, where you can win, not only one golden card but two, and moreover, you can learn a lot about what we can all do to spread a message of hope.


Our team has worked tirelessly to propose you fun and very interesting questions. We are waiting for you, the planet is waiting for you. Stay connected.

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