A talented person is talented in everything! That can be said about Georgian judoka Ilia Sulamanidze. We noticed somebody approaching the piano during the evening, with his friend by his side, another Georgian, Lasha Bekauri. Ilia has fans already supporting him, not only on the mat.

We asked him if he was a professional player or studied it somewhere, maybe at school, but all he answered was that he plays the piano for himself. “I have been playing for 8 years now” mentioned Ilia, while still playing one of Chopin’s melodies.

We invited Ilia to play for judo fans and he accepted our proposal without hesitation. He spent almost an hour playing different pieces from all around the world just. Among them were ‘Kalinka,’ ‘Pirates of the Caribbean,’ ‘Bella Ciao’ and other popular compositions.

We wish good luck to Ilia during his competition in Tel Aviv and we hope it will be as smooth as his piano playing.

P.S. Ilia promised us that he will bring a guitar next time.

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