The first day of competition at the Kata World Championships Abu Dhabi took place on the campus of Sorbonne University in the capital of the United Arab Emirates. It was an opportunity to celebrate World Judo Day - Bring a Friend, with all the participants.
Happy World Judo Day

During the opening ceremony Daniel De Angelis, IJF Kata Commission Director paid an important tribute to Michel Kozlowski, "Michel Kozlowski passed away on Monday 27th February. Until the end, he worked for the good functioning of our kata commission. His skills, both technical and organisational, had earned him international recognition. He was in charge of the European Judo Union's Kata Commission, but was also Sport Director of the IJF Kata Commission. Many countries called upon his knowledge for the organisation of seminars and events.

Above all, Michel Kozlowski was never afraid to roll-up his sleeves to work for the development of kata. He never felt better than on a tatami. Throughout his life, he gave his wise advice as much to young as to older judoka. More than that, he loved to share his advice. Michel was also a humanist, a man who defended the values of our sport with conviction and even determination.

Daniel De Anglis and Haruki Uemura

It will be up to each of us to take these values and relay them to our clubs, for young people. This will be our way to thank him. Michel Kozlowski will leave a great emptiness in our federation and in our hearts."

Mr Haruki Uemura, President of the Kodokan, then declared, "As you know 28th October is the birthday of our founder, Jigoro Kano Shihan. Today we celebrate his birthday and we are happy to be together on the occasion of the Kata World Championships Abu Dhabi 2023. We have a very important mission: to pass judo on to the next generation. Let's work together. Thank you."

This day of competition showed to what extent the kata were in full development both by the number of couples present and by the quality of the judo offered. Four titles were awarded in senior and junior nage-no-kata, senior katame-no-kata and senior ju-no-kata. On day two, katame-no-kata junior, ju-no-kata junior, kime-no-kata senior and goshin-jutsu senior will be on the tatami. The competition will begin at 9:00 and the final block around 16:00. You can follow the competition at


Podium, nage-no-kata


Podium, katame-no-kata


Podium, ju-no-kata


Podium, nage-no-kata U-23


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