An adventure like the one that Sabrina Filzmoser is going through, takes time to understand. A few weeks ago she was still in the final preparations for the dream of a lifetime, that of rallying from sea level to the top of the world, Mount Everest, to an altitude of 8849m. She is now on her way; kilometre 0 has been exceeded.

Those who speak of preparations also speak of exaltation and enthusiasm, but also feverishness, uncertainty, questions and doubts. Sabrina went through all of these phases. Maybe a bit out of superstition, but mostly because she knows that a tiny grain of sand can stop a beautiful mechanism, she hesitated to say that she was leaving for a long journey, one that would last at least three months.

Several of us convinced her, however, that on the contrary, it was necessary to talk about it, with reason, with restraint and humility, certainly in the face of the magnitude of the task, but also with passion because beyond the goal it is the path that is important. The one that Sabrina has been borrowing for a few hours already opens the doors to a world in which humanity finds its place.

So this morning, as the sun was barely rising, not far from Digha, she said to us, "Km 0! That's it! We hit the road and we are on our way to the top of the world from sea level. For several weeks I've been talking about this incredible adventure and I am so happy and excited to be on my way. It was already a big adventure to arrive here in Digha. It was challenging but we did it and we spent some awesome time with young judoka in Kolkata; 200 amazing students of EIILM University and then in the northern Bay of Bengal at a lovely small judo club in Ramnagar.

Our journey will be covering routes through India and Nepal by bike before hiking to the Everest Base Camp (EBC). On the way I'll be stopping at our Everest Judokids places and dojos, supporting the local community and helping to clean the environment. There are some challenging tasks, but we will do our best to send a vision to the world and this means sometimes it’s necessary to work hard.

Please never give up taking care of others. Never stop learning and improving, treating humans in the best possible way wherever you go. Please share our mission✨

Tashi delek, Shukriya and Dhanyebad from India (1.38 billion people live here, it’s the most unequal nation; 1% of the population holds 22% of the national income!) and follow my journey here:"

What else is there to say? Over the coming weeks we will carefully and supportively follow Sabrina and her friends from the Nepal Cycling School. If km 0 was crossed today, actually Sabrina has already covered much more than that. She has overcome challenges that will undoubtedly make her stronger. She has met people and made friends for life and she has started to spread a message that in this difficult period is more crucial than ever, not only for our judo family but for the entire world.

Good road Sabrina!

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