It’s been an adventure; 2 years of qualification events from continental opens to the World Judo Tour, the continental championships and of course the world championships.

Seven grand prix and 22 grand slam events have paved the way for incredible world championship liaisons; the Masters also delivering the highest level of judo. All have combined to create the list, the Olympic Ranking List, the seedings, the confirmations of superstar status, the flourishing of the best possible judo all around the world.

New names have appeared and retirements have also been marked. World number ones have been challenged and the world’s best have appeared even when perhaps not expected, including Saito’s (JPN) participation in this week’s Lima Continental Open, the final points-scoring event of the whole qualification period.

Tatsuru Saito (JPN) on the podium in Lima, Peru. Photo courtesy of the Panamerican Judo Confederation.

Lima, Peru, hosted this final event of Paris Olympic cycle, an event which for many would seal their fate in terms of Olympic participation next month. It’s now a done deal, points collection is complete and the list is being compiled ready for the world to know, at last, who will be present in the French capital.

The refereeing team in Lima. Photo courtesy of the Panamerican Judo Confederation.
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