It is with great sadness that we learned of the death of Omar Danga Loum, Honorary member of the IJF Veterans Commission and legend of African and world judo.

Omar Danga Loum was one of those characters of the judo world who we always had great pleasure to meet and talk with. He has dedicated his life to sport and its development. Born in 1946, he was a member of the Senegalese Judo Federation since 1969, former president of the same federation and he was Secretary General of the African Judo Union for 25 years.

Dojo Omar Danga Loum in Dakar, Senegal

He thus assisted and actively participated in the rise of judo, not only in Senegal, but throughout the continent. Later on he became an active member of the IJF Veterans Commission.

With a lot of poetry and passion, Omar Danga Loun was always keen to speak about his home country and its people who are open to others and who value unity and solidarity. The African spirit was vital for him and he was happy to see how judo supports social development on his ancestral land as well as throughout the world.

We address our sincere condolences to his family and friends and the whole African judo community.

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