After a shell landed on the judo training center in Damascus on November 20, 2017, where 20 players and three coachs were present for their daily judo session, the Syrian Judo Federation sadly announced that two of their players, Diaa Aldeen Badr and Ahmed Khanji passed away during the attack.

Ten other athletes were injured, with medium to dangerous injuries, and the three coaches were seriously touched, while the judo center had significant material damages.

The IJF President, Mr. Marius Vizer, communicated with the Syrian Judo Federation President, Mr. Imad Haj Kadoor, and presented the condolences of the whole world judo family to the friends and families of Diaa Aldeen Badr and Ahmed Khanji and wished good recovery to the injured people.

The IJF President also immediately announced that the International Judo Federation will put in place direct aid in order to help re-build the dojo and that a moment of silence will be observed at Tokyo Grand slam, during the opening ceremony.

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