The event was presented by actress Claudia Vieira and took place at the Petit Palais Club in Lisbon. The ceremony was also marked by the delivery of the first Judogi Trophies.

The latest awards were presented at 7 Portuguese Judoka that make up the Olympic National Team presented officially at the event: Joana Ramos (-52 kg), Telma Monteiro (-57 kg), Sergiu Oleinic (-66 kg), Nuno Saraiva (-73 kg) Celio Dias (-90 kg) and Jorge Fonseca (-100 kg) and in the Paralympics Games: Miguel Vieira (-66 kg)

President of the Portuguese Judo Federation - Eng. José Manuel A. Costa and Oliveira "This I Judo Olympic Gala has a special meaning because it is focused on our Olympians. We wish them good luck and good matches." 

Joana Ramos (-52 kg) "My goal for the Olympics is to improve the ninth place achieved in London. My preparation has been done as planned and I intend to be at my peak form on the 7th of August." 

Sergiu Oleinic (-66 kg) "After much work and personal investment I am very happy to be in the Games. me I have prepared well and we still have the stage in Barcelona. I want to be at my best to give a joy to the Portuguese. " 

Jorge Fonseca (-100 kg) "I worked hard to be in the Games are a big goal. I'm glad to have achieved. Now I'm working to get a good result in Rio de Janeiro. "

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