On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, I have the pleasure to congratulate and wish all the best to all the women who are active in and around judo.

I would like to send my best wishes and regards to all female judoka, coaches, referees, commissioners, staff and directors working with the International Judo Federation and to all female representatives of media, sponsors and partners who support our sport and also to all judo fans and lovers!

Women are integral members of the Judo Family, who contribute on a daily basis and in many ways to the development of our sport. We recognise and praise their merits and their work, and I hope that judo will continue to give women the chance to accomplish their dreams and fulfil their calling.

I take the opportunity to once again thank all the women for their support and achievements, for making us stronger and for sharing with us the joy and honor to work for the betterment of judo worldwide!

Best regards,

Marius L. Vizer

International Judo Federation

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