Sweden is more and more present around the world and at all levels. From the -48 kg superstar-in-the-making, Tara Babulfath, only just out of cadets, to the mainstays of the generations before, such as world medallist Marcus Nyman, there is now a constant mark in the WJT attendance register in the colours of the Swedish flag and it arrives as an assurance of judo values, positive contest judo and humility.

The Swedish national team, training out of the Malmo training centre, are continuing to build their programme with coaches working tirelessly to support their athletes with bespoke individual attention and a collective view of the improvement needed. They’re brave, they’re responsible and they’re willing to stretch themselves.

Last week the team was in Tata, Hungary for the OTC and the coaches had this to say, “Following some great performances in Dubrovnik (at the senior European cup) some of the Swedish team attended the OTC in Tata, Hungary. It was a strong camp with a lot of the athletes preparing for the up and coming qualification tournaments ahead of the Olympic Games this year."

The Swedish men's team training in Tata.

"Everyone got stuck in and fought hard! Lots of learning and progress was made. It’s time now for some recovery over the weekend and to take some time to recharge the batteries ready to go again for the start of a new week".

Working hard in Tata, Hungary

"We are excited to continue the hard work when we get back to Sweden. Great Job team Sweden!” Clearly pleased with the team’s attitude and performance in Tata, the coaches quoted the words of American swimmer, 5-time Olympic champion Dana Vollmer, “The hard days are the best because that's when champions are made, so if you push through, you can push through anything."

This is the over-riding approach we are becoming used to seeing from the Swedish athletes on the Tour. Babulfath and Nyman are both known for their never-give-up style and on the back of a great qualification period so far, both are in direct qualification for the Paris Games. Not far behind them is Ida Eriksson, sitting in continental quota at -70 kg. All 3 are entered for the Europeans Championships at the end of the month, hosted in Zagreb. The Swedish team, along with all other nations, can be followed in Zagreb via JudoTV.com.

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