Miro Bilic is a member of the IJF IT Team, with a specific responsibility for referee replays and video tagging. His role involves the watching of and analysis of judo, all day, every day at the World Judo Tour events. His judo knowledge is like a catalogue of contests full of memories of the best throws, the most spectacular moments and also how it all aligns with the rules. For day 7, the technical analysis is Miro’s.

“As always it was amazing for me. I was looking forward to day 7 for the +100kg category as it’s my favourite.

I believe there were not too many golden scores, more shido than I hoped for but we also saw some interesting throws. When the heavyweights get thrown, it’s always big producing a real ippon. This scale of judo is impressive.

Teddy Riner (FRA) throws Temur Rakhimov (TJK) in the world semi-final

I didn’t expect Tasoev and Bashaev to perform so well as they haven’t been on the Tour for some time but both fought well and Tasoev really pushed himself and fought excellently. His semi-final win was particularly strong, against Yusupov (UZB) with yoko-otoshi. It was impressive. He really arrived in such good shape.

Tasoev (AIN) throws Kokauri (AZE) en route to the final

Teddy had a very hard contest with Saito (JPN) and I think it could even be the final we see in Paris next year. We wanted a big throw but we found a tactical contest during which Teddy became stronger and stronger as the time passed. He reminded us of his fantastic throwing ability later in the day.

There were some particularly beautiful techniques on offer from Marinic (SLO) with the uchi-mata against Snippe (NED), Chotchaev (BRN) with uchi-mata against Konoval (USA) and Radic (CRO) with a massive soto-makikomi when she was losing against the Algerian judoka. These were all well prepared, well timed and concluded with full commitment.

Marinic' (SLO) uchi-mata

The referees are doing a good job, always being in the right place for the best view of the techniques as they happen.

We have seen a couple of coaches sent out and that’s regrettable but these situations have to be managed. The coaches are of course engaged with their athletes but they must follow the rules and respect the other coaches.

One athlete I am continually impressed by is Sone (JPN), who seems to never lose form. At the worlds and Olympics she comes ready and I think she really laid claim to her place for Paris. Tolofua came with big throws too and in the absence of Dicko, having gone out in her first contest, she was replaced by Tolofua who has been explosive and positive throughout. She really fought for her place in the final and offered great, positive judo all day. The heavyweight French women always push the rest of the world but it is possibly now up to one of them to pass Sone for the Olympic gold.

Akira Sone in Doha

It was Tavano (ITA) who beat Dicko, an athlete with no reference on the World Judo Tour, just a solitary European bronze medal. She didn’t take a medal here in Doha but she has shown she will be now to watch in the future and so she is my pick for the coming years among the women.”

There was much to enjoy on day 7, including the first medals at this championship for Brazil; it would have felt strange to leave Doha without Brazil appearing on the medal table and so big congratulations to Beatriz Souza and Rafael Silva for their bronze medals. For Rafel this is his 11th world championship and his 4th wolrd medal, the first coming ten years ago in his home country, Brazil.

Rafael Silva beat world champion Andy Granda (CUB) in the repechage

Day 8 brings the World Judo Championship Mixed Team Event forward. It will raise the roof, it always does. All the action and excitement can be followed via JudoTV.com.

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