There’s still a month to go until we assemble in Budapest for the 2023 World Judo Masters but we can already see the intensity building as the registrations begin to appear on Judobase. Already 230 athletes have booked their places and we note that right now there are substantially more women than men!

Once we begin to study the entries we can also see that some categories are teasing us with epic trailers, with no fewer than 4 world champions present at-78kg, for example. 2011 world champion Tcheumeo (FRA), 2019 world champion Malonga (FRA) and 2021 champion Wagner (GER) are joined by current champion Inbar Lanir (ISR). With 20 entries received so far in the category, world champions make up 20% of the registrations! This is an unbelievable statistic and promises some incredible judo in the Hungarian capital.

Speaking of current world champions, also present will be newly crowned -57kg, -60kg and -73kg victors, Deguchi (CAN), Garrigos (ESP) and Stump (SUI), alongside the gold backpatches of Kosovan Olympic champions Krasniqi and Gjakova.

There is one athlete, though, who stands out and that is the current world and Olympic champion Clarisse Agbegnenou (FRA). Having won the Olympic title in Tokyo and with 5 world titles in her pocket, Clarisse did the unthinkable in Doha and won her sixth world crown after a return to play following the birth of her young daughter. Now Clarisse’s only dilemma is which colour back patch to wear in Budapest!

The world’s finest judoka are in full preparation mode, with training camps in Japan, Spain and in other countries all over the world and in 4 weeks time we will have the chance to see the fruit of that work. Follow all news, entries and video teasers on our social media platforms and our website,

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