We offer you to discover the top five images of the Paris Grand Slam, which took place during the weekend in the French Capital.

During the second round of the -81kg weight category, Zebeda REKHVIASHVILI (GEO) was opposed to Sagi MUKI (ISR). The Georgian could not avoid the massive sode-tsuri-komi-goshi executed by the winner of the last Tashkent Grand Prix, Sagi Muki. After this terrific start the Israeli athlete was then eliminated by the future winner of the tournament FUJIWARA Sotaro (JPN).

Sally Conway (GBR) celebrated her victory after having defeated the current world champion, Arai Chizuru (JPN) in the final.
During two days, more than 15,000 spectators per day were present to enjoy the judo in an incredible atmosphere.

During his first round, Anthony Zingg (GER) produced a massive technique against An Jaesik (KOR) to score ippon and mive on to the second round. Unfortunately he was then defeated by Arthur Margelidon (CAN) who finished second of the last Tokyo Grand Slam in 2017 and today finished at the bottom of the podium.

After the final of the -90kg, Mukai Shoichiro (JPN) helped Beka GVINIASHVILI (GEO) to go back to the side of the tatami, after the Georgian was slightly injured. This was one of the most beautiful fairplay moment of the competition. 

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