Find below the questions to IJF President, Marius Vizer and his answers. Thank you to all participants.

Tokyo 2020 and Covid-19 related questions

Question: What is the IJF stand in postponement of Olympics? How will the olympics qualification rounds continue?

Marius Vizer: The IJF was always supportive to the olympic movement and the olympic games but according to the current circumstances it was the best decision that could happen. In the next period we will reschedule some events soon as the situation created by the COVID19 be past us.

Question: Why can’t we have Judo in the Winter Olympics too ? We can get mats outside in the snow. That way Judo can be in the Summer and Winter Olympics. Think about how cool it would be to brag. Judo the only Olympic sport in both sessions.

Marius Vizer: The Winter games is addressed to the Ice and Snow sports, that is the reason no other sports are included. IJF events we have in Winter as you know.

Question: What advice would you offer athletes who might be struggling mentally with the postponement of the Games and the training restrictions?

Marius Vizer: First of all I consider that it was a correct decision to postpone the games, because in that way the question is answered to the athletes and they can be a little more relaxed and plan their future activity so far the COVID19 crisis will be over. I think that all people practising our sport are mentally strong and flexible. Additionally, we are a united Judo family, which means that all Judoka should reach out to their Sensei, to their clubs, their National Federations and to the IJF for support based on our values and principles and considering the Judo way of life.

Question: Why IJF cant organize grand prix in some countries doesn't have corona still life going normal! If this situation take longer terms maybe more then 6 months are there any other options to start judo activities!

Marius Vizer: 1) Because of the travel prohibition. The participants are world wide. 2) That doesn't depend on us, depend on the rehabilitation of the situation.

Question: Do you think it would be a good idea to have the Tokyo Olympics in spring 2021, rather than summer, subsequently avoiding the heat in Japan

Marius Vizer: Sure its an interesting idea, just have to be taken into consideration the NBC broadcasting calendar which is the main broadcast partner of the Olympics

Question: What do you think are the main positives/downsides for judo that the @Tokyo2020 #Olympics have been postponed?

Marius Vizer: I know it was a difficult decision because the decision effect totally the athletes and the sport, but in this moment it was the best decision to protect everybody.

Question: Do you think the judo values can guide us in the right direction to overcome the difficult situation and distract valuable lessons from it? Which Judo Value fits best to the current Situation?

Marius Vizer: The Judo values are key in this difficult moment. You can find more information in our publication:

Question: Will there be financial support or maybe rules more flexible with the official hotel for the self-funding athlete (with a longer qualification period)?

Marius Vizer: We will consider this point for the next period depending on how and when the crisis will finish.

Question: What do you think will happen with the Olympic Games 2024 as the OG moved now to 2021 - will they remain the same (2024) or will be a shift to 2025 and so on with the other OG summer editions?

Marius Vizer: Moving the game to 2021 was the right decision in an exceptional time for the humanity. I think the Paris Games will stay as it is in 2024 and after everything should be normal again.

Question: when will a new calendar be announced?

Marius Vizer: First of all depends on the recovery from the COVID-19 crisis. We will work out with the IOC the updated qualification strategy.

Comment from Mongoljudo: We wish you good health and safe for everyone!

Marius Vizer: Thank you very much. I wish all of you and our Judo Family all the best!

Question: Mr Vizer Olympics is moved to 100%?

Marius Vizer: Yes, sure. It was the right decision.

Question: How does the President stay motivated during these times?

Marius Vizer: I am combining my time and activity between office and my home, trying to adapt myself to the current situation. But finally I can manage, and not so many travels unfortunately in the last period :-)

Question: Hello Sr. Any plan of make a Grand Prix in South America?. Of course when together success the covid-19

Marius Vizer: Sure. We are very open and always ready to do it. We have a Grand Slam in Brasilia at the moment and soon the crisis is over we can consider any request.

Question: Mr. President when would you announce the new qualification system por Tokyo 2021 ? Best regards #AskVizer

Marius Vizer: Soon the IOC will give us the new guidelines, because the Olympic Qualification for evbery sport is managed together with the IOC. When the COVID19 crisis will be over, we will be ready with the new strategy. The postponement of the Olympic effect the qualification of every Summer Olympic Sport of course. That will be rescheduled according to the joint strategy between the IOC Sport Department with IJF.

In conclusion I want to appreciate very much the wise decision of the IOC together with the Government of Japan, taking in consideration that it is all together, the IOC, the World Sport Movement and Governments that we can fight against an invisible and unpredictable enemy. It is the right occasion for everyone that finally have some certainty and people can plan properly of course according to the development of the situation created by the COVID-19. I wish all International Sport Community best health and safe activities.

Other questions and comments

Marius Vizer: I would like to pass my deepest condolences to the family of Anamarija Carevic and the Croatian Judo Federation, judoka who passed away in the earthquake in Croatia. The Judo family mourns her passing.

Question: Mr. Vizer, has the IJF done studies on concussions within Judo? I see many athletes landing on their head as a means to avoid a throw. It makes me wonder if there is an underlying issue with brain trauma in the sport

Marius Vizer: The IJF Medical Commission is actively analyzing this issue and that is the reason why we have the rule to give hansokumake for diving.

Question: Question: As far as I know, Azerbaijan Judo Federation has written you a letter stating that it will not be able to hold the Grand Slam tournament due to the special regime in the country. What does the International Judo Federation think about this tournament? It will be cancelled?

Marius Vizer: We will try to reschedule the tournament. #AskVizer

Question: Will there be statistics on average contest duration for scores? I have the feeling that we see extremely long contests and less scores over the minutes, judoka play extremely defensive. Will there be something about the rules after the olympic games?

Marius Vizer: You can find the statistical information on Our Aim with the current rules is the result to be decided by athletes rather than by referees like in the past.

Question: How specifically are you planning to make judo more matured sport? In aspects of rules and to make show of shiai.

Marius Vizer: We are working continuously for the development, promotion and modernisation of our sport.

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