"The truth is of such excellence that, when it praises little things, it ennobles them." (Leonardo da Vinci)

We have seen things of a beauty that enhances sensitivity. We have seen the sacrifice taken to the extreme. We have seen the genuine expression of humility. We have also seen joy and ecstasy, pain and suffering. We have seen everything. We have seen judo.

We have seen a president, Marius Vizer, crossing all the skies of the planet to promote judo, to offer support and initiatives, always fighting for a better world.

We have seen the members of the Executive Committee work tirelessly across the planet.

We have seen five continents speaking judo and we have also seen perseverance winning over mediocrity.

We have seen the sweetness of Bilodid, the maturity of Abe Uta. We have seen Kelmendi's resurrection, Malonga's eyes, Sone's speed and Ortíz's class. We have seen the know-how of Deguchi.

We have seen and verified that Ono comes from another galaxy and that Krpalek is willing to collect the witness of a king who does not wish to abdicate from his throne. We have seen the infinite sympathy of Sherazadishvili, the hilarity of Basile, the goodness of Van T End. We have seen the power of Muki, the endless trajectory of Clerget.

We have seen the promises of the future and the heroes of yesterday. We have seen an active congress and national federations eager to grow. We have seen ambassadors committed to their mission. We have seen Albano, Nadia, her imperial Highness Princess Tomohito of Mikasa and Antonio.

We have seen Putin's faithfulness, Battalga’s passion, the immense humility of Yamashita and the generosity of Uemura. We have seen the clairvoyance of Douillet, the humour of Iliadis.

We have seen thousands of people planting trees. We have seen the neediest in love with judo because evolution always begins with simple gestures.

We have seen the relief and dignity of some refugees, the calvary and Mollaei's fighting spirit.

We have seen how they were leaving, always prematurely, Des, Watanabe, Craig and Jack.

We have seen the professionalism of Larisa, the flowers of Louisa, the special and magic eye of Gabi, Emmanuele, Marina and Fawaz.

We have seen the seriousness of Igor, the successful return of Vlad, the most remote places from Nico's hand. We have read Mark's summaries, we have seen thousands of pictures, hundreds of Dan’s images and enjoyed Claudiu's experience. We have seen the tireless Jack and his troop of loyal squires. We have seen and been comforted by Elisabetta and Corina, we have seen Antonio's discretion, the effectiveness of Mehmet and Victor's loyalty.

We have enjoyed Jovana's ideas and have been saved by Matthias, Ziad, Saso and Simon.

We have listened to Vladimir, Neil and Daniel, we have learned from Lisa, Armen, Juan Carlos and Jan. We have seen the persistence of Abdullo and the chivalry of Mohammed.

We have admired the excellence of Akinori and Justin and have also rested because Leandra and Andor stood guard.

We have seen a flood of ippons, an absolute art and inspired artists.

We have seen the smiles of Han and Katiuska, the calm force of Imre and the suspenders of Tamas. We laughed with Dennis, absorbed passion with Loretta and calm with Sheldon. We have seen and seen again Jakho’s videos.

We have seen thousands of volunteers and now we know that nothing is stronger than the heart of a spontaneous.

We have seen the elegance of Szimonetta, Ilona's patience, Denisa's competence and Jo's enthusiasm. We have seen Grace's aptitude and Andrea's faculties.

We have seen tears, sorrow and happiness. We have seen the best of the human being. We have seen simplicity and honesty. We have seen a better world that it used to be. We have seen so many things that it is impossible to remember them without emotion.

We have seen judo and its truth, and we are sad to leave behind a wonderful year. It is, however, a temporary grief because we know that, very soon, we will see the same, maybe even more and better, if that is possible.

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