Former -100kg world champion WOLF Aaron (JPN) claimed his first All Japan Openweight Championships title with victory at the Nippon Budokan on Monday in Tokyo.
Photo: Masaya Henmi/eJudo

WOLF, 23, who won the Worlds in 2017, defeated veteran and Openweight specialist KATO Hirotaka in the final.

WOLF beat OGAWA Yusei with an o-uchi-gari in the semi-final while KATO defeated OTA Hyoga with a trademark tomoe-nage at the same stage.

Photo: Masaya Henmi/eJudo

Both judoka had their won all of their matches by ippon going into the final and it was the younger man who prevailed in golden score with a sasae-tsurikomi-ashi to be crowned the final Openweight champion of the Heisei era.

Photo: Shinya Inui / eJudo

Following the competition, the AJJF officially added Olympic silver medallist HARASAWA Hisayoshi as their +100kg representative for the Worlds while KAGEURA Kokoro earned a surprise spot in the +90kg field for the team event.

WOLF had already been selected as Japan's -100kg represenative.

Watch WOLF and the Japanese team in action at the Baku Grand Slam on 12 May live and free here on the IJF website.

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