The days preceding a major sporting event are always synonymous with excitement and a bit of stress, just enough for everything to fall into place and above all for everything to be in the right place.

For 48 hours, the Humo Ice Dome in Tashkent has been changing its face. If normally the sound of ice skates and hockey pucks resounds in the enclosure of the stadium, from 6th October until the 13th, it will be the ippon which will echo under the metal vault, much to the delight of judo fans.

In the meantime, the sports facility looks like an anthill in the middle of the summer season and the progress of construction work can be seen visibly. Thus in less than 24 hours, the ice has disappeared in favour of the floor which in a few hours more will accommodate the two tatami surfaces. The look and feel is also changing rapidly, with the dome adorning itself with the colours of the world championships.

In a few hours more the floor will accommodate the two tatami surfaces

All this installation work is possible thanks to the professional work of all the organisers, whether local or from the international federation and the least we can say is that everything is going perfectly. Everyone knows what they have to do and they do it conscientiously.

Organising a world championship, such as Tashkent 2022, is not easy and hundreds of people are working to get the show started on time on 6th October. With nearly 600 athletes from 87 countries expected in the Uzbek capital, improvisation has no place, even if last minute adaptations are always possible and necessary.

First delegations are already training in Tashkent

For eight days, in addition to the athletes themselves, it will be compulsory to ensure that everyone finds their place: the officials, the VIPS, the press, the public. Everything is currently in a very good position. Thanks to what has already been undertaken, confidence is at its maximum. The Tashkent World Championships Seniors 2022, individuals and mixed teams, is already shaping up to be a great vintage and we are all looking forward to it getting started.

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