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Why was my document (DOH or LRW or PCR1 or PCR2) rejected?
A document is rejected if either: the file upload was unsuccessful and it cannot be opened, or the document of person X is uploaded to person Y, or the scanned copy is blur, it is hardly legible, or not the right documents is uploaded eg. LRW to the DOH section, etc.

There is always a detailed comment to every rejection, please, act accordingly.

Who is notified about the rejected documents?
Currently we notify the involved delegation(s) by email only if there are multiple errors, single errors are not notified. Soon the system will automatically notify the delegations about any rejection.

What should I do if any of my documents is rejected?
It is the delegation’s responsibility to replace the document with a valid one before the arrival of the involved person(s).

Can I attend a competition without uploading my documents?
Anyone who has difficulty uploading their documents can ask for help from the IJF Covid Team via [email protected] In special cases paper documents may be accepted and uploaded upon arrival.

NB. will soon be able to block airport transfer / registration in the absence of approved documents. Please, pay attention to document submission.