Olympic Judo, Day 8
What a Way to Conclude Our Time in Tokyo!

The long-awaited Tokyo Olympic Games has ended for the judo family.

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Incredible But True

Once again everything was written in advance, everything except the incredible but true story that the ...

Juan Carlos Barcos Receives His 8th Dan

During the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games, former IJF Head Referee and today's IJF International Affairs Director, ...

Germany Present Gifts to the IJF Refugee Team

The IJF Refugee Team have been prominent in the media and rightly so.


24 countries have won medals in the individual Olympic tournament, that is, one less than in Rio but ...

Olympic Stories
Allez Les Bleues

The French women’s team have been terrifying the opposition for a number of years, taking handfuls ...

Welcoming Judo Friends: Day 7

The individual competition has officially come to an end and the heavyweight categories brought heavyweight ...

Head Up

Mixed zone, 11.40 am. Javad Mahjoub was a river of tears.

Tokyo 2020: Technical Analysis
Day 7: Seeding is King

We are so fortunate in judo, whether it’s by design or simply the natural flow, that we keep a huge ...

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Sone confirms and Krpalek Surprises Everyone

Today the individual tournament of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games ended with the last two Olympic champions ...

Olympic Stories
Rosi and Brazil

From athlete to Olympic Coach to CBJ’s Technical Co-Ordinator, no matter the role, Rosi Campos is always ...

Welcoming Judo Friends: Day 6

Judo is a sport that attracts viewers from all over the world.