The Kata Community Celebrates World Judo Day 2021

In the aftermath of the 2021 World Kata Championships in Lisbon, Portugal, all the participants, athletes ...

WJD 2021
WJD 2021: Message from IJF President

Every year, October 28 is a special date for the international judo community, a day of celebration of ...

Kata Worlds
The Kata Catalysis

Day 2 at #JudoKata brought new emotions and added to the history of kata events worldwide.

Tony Walby Sees Beyond the Difficulties

The World Judo Day will be tomorrow and today was the second day of the Kata World Championships.

40th CISM World Military Championship: A Beautiful Celebration

From October 28 to November 4, 2021, the 40th edition of the CISM Military World Championships will take ...

WJD 2021
Solidarity Campaign In Belgium

The great annual educational gathering of the judo family, based on judo values, is approaching.

Kata Worlds: Incredible Level on Day One

The first day of the Kata World Championships, Lisbon, Portugal 2021, took place today at the Pavillion ...

Kata Worlds
The Forms

As described by Jigoro Kano, the founder of judo, there are essentially two ways of practicing judo: ...

Kata Worlds
Live Day 2

Watch live and enjoy Day 2 of the Kata World Championships in Lisbon, Portugal.

Kata Worlds
The Draw

Following the Veterans World Championships, the IJF is organising the Kata World Championships in Lisbon, ...

A Matter of Adaptation
The International Masters Bremen

During the last week, most have been focussed on the World Championships for Veterans in Lisbon but there ...

The Quarry of Justice

To kill two birds with one stone is to join a judo tournament with final exams to become a professional ...