Baku Grand Slam: Day 1
Squid Game

Someone is missing in Baku and his absence is noticeable.

Technical Analysis
Baku Grand Slam, Day 1: Unknown Faces and Post-Olympic Reminders

On day one of the Baku Grand Slam we saw a mixture of unknown faces, post-Olympic reminders and a new ...

Athlete Interview
The Toughest Decision a Judoka Can Make

Raz Hershko, a name that seems familiar but also somewhat distant.

No Gold Medal, No Stop

"It was a collective failure." Rustam Orujov says it without acrimony, no rancour in his voice and no ...

Baku is Ready!

The draw for the Baku Grand Slam, the third World Judo Tour event since the summer Olympic Games, has ...

Presidents Vizer and Bach Talk About the Future

While on his way to the Baku Grand Slam, which will take place over the weekend in Azerbaijan, the IJF ...

Distria Krasniqi
Expresso Interview

The door opens and Distria Krasniqi appears. She has travelled all night to Baku and she is fresh as ...

CISM World Championships: Let's Take The Same

The 40th CISM Military Judo World Championships came to an apotheosis on Tuesday 2nd November, in Brétigny-sur-Orge, ...

CISM Worlds
When Army and Society Rhyme with Social Peace

With the 40th CISM World Military Judo Championships taking place in Brétigny-sur-Orge, in Essonne, ...


CISM World Championships: Perfect 2nd Day

The second day of the 40th edition of the CISM World Military Judo Championships ended after an exciting ...

Top Ippons #JudoParis 2021

Watch our top ippons selection from the Paris Grand Slam 2021