Japan and the Others

With or without a pandemic, there are things that do not change.

Abu Dhabi Grand Slam - Day 3
So Long Everyone

We can draw a handful of conclusions after the last day of the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam: Germany and Great ...

Abu Dhabi, Day 3
Technical Analysis: When Timing Meets Power

The team of judo experts who make up the IJF Referee Commission and the panel of supervisors ensuring ...

Athlete Stories
Vieru: More Than Everyone’s Favourite Technician

There are athletes we can recognise simply from a movement, from a style, those who strike us because ...

Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Day 2
Shaken, Not Stirred

Some bloom in the autumn. They like the cold and the aroma of the end of the year.

Abu Dhabi, Day 2
Technical Analysis: A Two-Tiered Assembly

1992 Olympic champion and former French national team coach Cathy Fleury is one of the heavy hitters ...

Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Day 1
A Real Treat

We will miss this. In a few days the World Judo Tour, 2021 edition, will end in Abu Dhabi and it will ...

Technical Analysis: Olympians Show Their Colours

IJF Head Sport Director Vladimir Barta has spent his life accumulating expertise on and around the tatami, ...

Abu Dhabi
The Unseen Moments

The warm-up room at any World Judo Tour event is a special place, protected from everything outside, ...

Abu Dhabi Grand Slam
Last But Certainly Not Least

Abu Dhabi is preparing to host the last event of the World Judo Tour, in a season which has kept all ...

The Last Course

The Abu Dhabi Grand Slam is like a beachside restaurant announcing the last course.

Abu Dhabi Grand Slam 2021 - Promo Video

After a very exciting judo season, dont miss the last Grand Slam of the Year: Abu Dhabi 2021