First Impressions
Judo Isn’t Locked Down

Hello! My name is Irina Florescu. I’m a new member of the IJF Media Team and I worked with the team ...

Thank you Kazan!

That's it, the Kazan Grand Slam has just ended. It was the last grand slam of the restarted season, the ...

Technical Analysis DAY 3
Preparation Pays Off

Here is the technical analysis after three days of intense competition in Kazan.

Kazan Grand Slam
The Stamina Man

There are days that athletes would like to forget, as they feel, on their shoulders, all the difficulty ...

Judo for the World
Another World

Can we imagine a greater change of scenery than the one Kinaua BIRIBO has been experiencing for several ...

Technical Analysis DAY 2
A Russian Festival

We asked Udo Quellmalz to tell us about his technical impressions after day 2 of the Kazan Grand Slam ...

Kazan Grand Slam: Beautiful Opening

A few minutes prior to the start of the final block of the second day of competition, the opening ceremony ...

Judo for Children
The Kazan Grand Slam, Through the Eyes of a Child

Kirill Denisov, now the Sport Director of the Russian Judo Federation, is also a 5-time world medallist, ...

A Young Russian
Tamerlan Bashaev

Tamerlan Bashaev of Russia is building himself a substantial record, step by step, ticking off one major ...

Kazan Grand Slam
Day 1 - Kazan Grand Slam Launched Superbly

The first day of the Kazan Grand Slam took place under the best possible conditions, for the first five ...

Technical Analysis DAY 1
Praise of Liberty

It is a cheerful and smiling Cathy Fleury that we met at the end of the first day of judo during the ...

The way of Adaptation

The end of the Olympic qualification period approaches more and more rapidly.