Doha World Judo Masters
It Swung in Doha

There is always something unknown when entering a new season.

Doha World Judo Masters
Thank You Doha

After 3 days of top level competition we can declare the Olympic year well and truly open for the judo ...

Doha World Judo Masters
The Apotheosis of the Heavy Weights

This was the third and last day of the Doha World Judo Masters.

Technical analysis Day 3
Three Days: a Great Show

We talked to Jeon Ki-Young about the technical aspects of the World Judo Masters and Day 3 specifically.

The Art of Adaptation

During an event everyone is very busy. Every single position in the staff is crucial.

Technical Analysis DAY 2
The Best Way to Win

At the end of day 2 of the Doha World Judo Masters, we asked Neil Adams, IJF commentator and referee ...

Doha World Judo Masters
Finding the Rhythm

Gold for France, Japan, Korea and Georgia. Today has offered an equal spread of men and women, with most ...

Doha World Judo Masters
A Great Opening of the 2021 Season

2 Gold Medals for Korea, One Gold for Kosovo, France and Japan.

Thoughts From Doha
What Can We Learn From the Tiniest Judoka?

For some of the world’s elite there has been no competition for almost a year.

Doha World Judo Masters
An Ideal Start to the Judo Season

Since the resumption of the World Judo Tour at Grand Slam Hungary, last October, the judo world has been ...

IJF Confirms 2021 WJT Events

The 2021 World Judo Tour calendar is like a gastronomic menu in a three-star restaurant.

World Judo Masters
it's Time to Meet Again

It's times for the best of the best to meet again in Doha, Qatar, for the World Judo Masters 2021.