The Braves

All the participants of the grand slam in Tokyo, without a Japanese passport, are brave and whomever ...

Tokyo Preview
The Smiling Judoka: A Technical Study of Eduard Trippel

“I’m the guy that smiles before the fight,” read Eduard Trippel’s Instagram bio after winning ...

Upside Down

The Tokyo Grand Slam is fast approaching. In a few days, the elite of world judo will once again be present ...

Solutions and Alternatives

Kamal Mammadov, Assistant to the President of the Azerbaijan National Paralympic Committee, is in Baku ...

Resting on Each Other's Shoulders

The IBSA World Judo Championships for Teams is different from other team events.

IBSA World Championships
Day 2: Brazil Makes a Dash For the Lead

Day 2 of the IBSA Judo World Championships has gone off with a bang.

IBSA World Championships
Day 1: Ukraine Come Out on Top

From the first contests of day one at the IBSA World Judo Championships, the action came thick and fast ...

2022 IBSA World Championships is Declared Open

With the opening ceremony on day one of the 2022 IBSA World Judo Championships in Baku, Azerbaijan, all ...

#JudoKids Special
#JudoKids: Baku Grand Slam Final

Here in Baku among some of the best judoka in the world, there are many serious moments, Olympic ranking ...

Baku Grand Slam 2022
+100kg - Rakhimov is number 1 on the Podium, in the Seeding and in the World Ranking

Martti Puumalainen (FIN) is almost always in the final block or at least in the top 8.

Baku Grand Slam 2022
+78 - Eventually a Gold for Serbia

Urdaneta (VEN) kicked off the category in Baku with a win by ude-garami in round one against New Zealand’s ...

Baku Grand Slam 2022
-100 - Back to Basics, They Work!

Fonseca sat in pole position but was beaten in round one by a Croatian who was beaten in round two who ...