Tashkent GS 2024
We Have Seen Performance and Humility

The Tashkent Grand Slam 2024 has just ended and the World Judo Tour caravan is already heading to Austria ...

Tashkent GS 2024
Technical Analysis, Day 3: Rivalries and Passion Push Excellence

Hedvig Karakas (HUN) is a recent retiree of the World Judo Tour having competed at 3 Olympic Games and ...

Tashkent GS 2024
+100kg: Ota Reigns Supreme

Upsetting the top order is always a delight to watch and fans couldn’t have hoped for a better end ...

Tashkent GS 2024
In Tashkent We Talk About the Past, the Present and the Future

The past is already the Grand Slam of Tashkent 2024, which has just ended in the Uzbek capital.

Tashkent GS 2024
+78kg: Xin Su (CHN) Dominates on Day 3

The final of the women’s heavyweight category is certainly not one we have seen before on the grand ...

Tashkent GS 2024
-78kg: Takayama Wins For Japan

This has become one of the most hotly contested categories of recent years, several world champions from ...

Tashkent GS 2024
-100kg: Turoboyev Lights Up the Humo Arena

Twenty-two year old Kanikovsky (AIN) has become one of the men of the moment having won gold in his last ...

Tashkent GS 2024
-90kg: Thunderous Tselidis

Theodoros Tselidis (GRE) surprised one and all at the Humo Arena in Tashkent, emerging as the winner ...

Referee Stories
Ioana Babiuc: Helping Someone in the Right Moment is the Point

The faces of the World Judo Tour become evermore familiar the closer we get to an Olympic Games.

Tashkent GS 2024
What Makes A Champion

It is the little things that make the champions stand out.

Tashkent GS 2024
What to Follow on Day Three of the Tashkent Grand Slam

A power-packed list of judoka means we won’t want to take our eyes off the mats for a single second ...

Tashkent GS 2024
Technical Analysis, Day 2: Strategy and Experience Shone Today

Armen Bagdasarov was Uzbekistan’s first Olympic medallist, winning silver at the Atlanta Olympic Games ...