Grand Slam Hungary 2022: Draw
The Revenants

Budapest is always a guarantee of quality. The 2022 Grand Slam Hungary is no exception, judging by the ...

Grand Slam Hungary 2022 - Promo

Grand Slam Hungary 2022 - The promo video

GS Ulaanbaatar 2022: Top Ippon!

Top Ippons - ashi-waza edition #JudoUlaanbaatar

GS Ulaanbaatar 2022 - Day 3
+100kg Simply The Best

With all due respect to others, the only way that Inal Tasoev would not have returned home with the gold ...

GS Ulaanbaatar 2022 - Day 3
-100kg Baby Face

In the absence of coffee, nothing better than an ippon express to shake off the drowsiness.

GS Ulaanbaatar 2022 - Day 3
-78kg Judo Lesson

Inbar Lanir was in a hurry, in such a hurry that she dispatched her first opponent in fourteen seconds, ...

GS Ulaanbaatar 2022 - Day 3
+78kg Cold Water

Raz Hershko had a date with the final. Less than that would have been a failure because the Israeli is ...

GS Ulaanbaatar 2022 - Day 3
-90kg The Uncomfortable Judoka

Purists will say that logic is meant to be respected.

Grand Slam Ulaanbaatar: I Was There

The world of sport and judo in particular has suffered enough from the absence of spectators during the ...

The Winning Formula

If we had to sum up Ilias Iliadis in one word, it could be passion.

GS Ulaanbaatar 2022 - Day 2
-73kg: High Temperature

We have already said that Mongolia is building a formidable team, and we are seeing it with our own eyes ...

GS Ulaanbaatar 2022 - Day 2
-70kg: Tactical Intelligence

Madina Taimazova is plastic. We saw it at the Tokyo Olympics.