Interview: Syria
Pockets of Hope

The IJF has been working with refugee communities for many years, helping local people establish, run ...

What I Believe

Some record pictures or make live programmes, others take care of health protocols, plane tickets or ...

Grand Slam Antalya 2021
Technical Analysis Day 3

Here in Antalya we are sticking with our theme of speaking with coaches for their impressions of the ...

Pareto's Feedback on a Tough Competition

It is not necessary to introduce Paula Pareto; we all know who she is.

Grand Slam Antalya 2021
The Time to Draw Conclusions is Approaching

It is always impressive how fast a World Judo Tour event unfolds.

Grand Slam Antalya 2021
The Step by Step Success of Venezuelan Judo

Venezuela has been very active on the World Judo Tour for several years.

Olympic Qualification
For a Few More Points

Everything you wanted to know about Olympic qualification.

Yuri Alvear's New Challenge

There are athletes who mark a generation and whom it is difficult to imagine no longer being on the tatami ...

Grand Slam Antalya 2021
Technical Analysis Day 2

Today’s technical analysis is delivered at the hands of coaches, current coaches who are fully enveloped ...

Basile Shines Again and Turkey Enjoys First Victory

Just before the start of the final block of day 2, the Antalya Grand Slam 2021 was officially opened ...

Just a Little Mistake

The Frenchman Loïc Pietri has made a somewhat crazy bet, a bet that sports fans love: to return to the ...

Check what you missed from day 1 of the Antalya Grand Slam

We are in the last stages of the Olympic qualification period.