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The Invincible Hamada and the Wolf

On the penultimate day of the individual Olympic judo tournament, we once again witnessed a demonstration ...

Tokyo 2020: Technical Analysis
Day 6: Feeling the Right Moment

The IJF Executive Committee is asset-laden, without doubt, with skills and experience in every field ...

Tokyo 2020: Interview
Introducing Funa Tonaki

Two world silver medals and now an Olympic silver medal, these sit at the top of Funa Tonaki’s CV.

A Life Dedicated to Judo and the 8th Dan for Envic Galea

For connoisseurs of the judo family, Envic Galea of Malta is a key figure in world judo.

New Judo Family Member, Max-Hervé George

At the Olympic Games in Tokyo, sitting at the official VIP tribune next to the IJF President Mr Marius ...

Mr 100%

Saeid Mollaei sacrificed a lifetime for a dream. He did it of his own free will and he did it in Japan ...

Tokyo 2020: Technical Analysis
Day 5: Long Contests But Deserving Champions

Neil Adams is usually with the IJF team in his capacities as Referee Supervisor or IJF Commentator, but ...

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Bekauri and Arai: A Cocktail of Youth and Experience

The fifth day of competition in Tokyo had its own physiognomy with two hotly contested categories where ...

Official Warning and Ultimatum to the German Coach

IJF official statement

Atlanta to Tokyo
25 Years On: a Silver and Gold Jubilee

On 25th July 1996 light weights were at play at the Olympic Games in Atlanta, U.S.A.

Tokyo 2020: Technical Analysis
The Nerves Show But They Settle

Sabrina Filzmoser fought yesterday and in a calm moment of reflection stood on the edge of the raised ...

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A Beautiful Revenge, Continuity and Freedom

It is not easy to qualify a day like the one we have just spent.