GS Ulaanbaatar 2022 - Day 2
-81kg: The Korean Lightning

He is so fast that he can hit ippon before you say his name.

GS Ulaanbaatar 2022 - Day 2
-63kg: The Office

Of all the favourites, Nami Nabekura had the most peaceful ordeal, at least until the final.

The Secret of Mongolian Success

The man is passionate, to say the least. Present from the first minutes of competition, he spends hours ...

"We had a good day"
Ulaanbaatar Grand Slam - Technical Analysis

Technical analysis made by International Judo Federation Head Referee Director, Florin Daniel Lascau

GS Ulaanbaatar 2022
-48kg: Tsunoda Keeps the Fortress Safe

Today was not an easy day for the Japanese women since both Yoshida and Shishime were eliminated quickly, ...

GS Ulaanbaatar 2022
-52kg: Keldiyorova Marks the Spirits

In -52kg category, the competition seemed well underway for Gefen Primo (ISR) who, since her victory ...

GS Ulaanbaatar 2022
-60kg: Under Japanese Domination

Yung Wei Yang (TPE) needs no introduction. At 24, the discreet but explosive judoka is nonetheless the ...

GS Ulaanbaatar 2022
-57kg: Mongolia Tops the Medal Podium

Third at the Paris Grand Slam last February and three times a grand slam bronze medallist, Enkhriilen ...

GS Ulaanbaatar 2022 - Day 1
-66kg: Battogtokh Offers a Tasty Victory to Mongolia

What the Japanese won't be able to say is that they had jetlag in Mongolia.

Tears of the Sun

Between Pretoria and Ulaanbaatar there are 17,027 kilometres.

Grand Slam Ulaanbaatar: The Draw
Olympics By All Means

Tokyo is over! Stop staring at the photo album and the recorded images.

Ulaanbaatar Grand Slam
Do You Have Plans?

We don't have friendly matches, we have fights. In the worst case, you fight for a medal, in the best ...