Grand Slam Hungary: Draw
Discipline and Unity Lead us to Freedom

With every hour that passes we learn to accept the reality; Grand Slam Hungary is really here.

Marius Vizer: Judo is adaptable at heart

The Grand Slam Hungary is about to begin, as the draw took place on Thursday October 22 in Budapest.

I Will Be There

We are living in a very strange time. For months we have been locked in a life that we did not choose. ...

Grand Slam Hungary 2020
Safe Judo

It will be a safe Grand Slam. There can be no doubt about that.

WE. ARE. BACK. #JudoHungary - Promo

WE. ARE. BACK. #JudoHungary Grand Slam Hungary 2020 - Promo

The Spirit of the Samurai

We have put Rusty Kanokogi's fights firmly in the spotlight; a lady who was the instigator and organiser ...

Mrs. K

Previously, we introduced Rusty Kanokogi through the words of her daughter, Jean.

Grand Slam Hungary
Green Light Judo

A few weeks ago, the International Judo Federation announced the imminent return of the World Judo Tour, ...

Rusty: She was my Mother and the Mother of Equity

The celebrations of the 40th anniversary of the first Women's World Championship are approaching, since ...

Marie-Paule Panza: On the Road to Transmission

Sitting comfortably by the fireside, on a rainy day in the heart of the Vosges mountains in Alsace, she ...

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Health First

In light of the continued uncertainty still existing around the Covid-19 pandemic, along with considering ...

Judo Canada Winning Awards

Sportsquebec is an umbrella organisation, standardising, monitoring, organising and celebrating sport ...