Junior Worlds
Viva l'Italia!

It’s the first world championships organised after the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games! The Junior World Championships, ...

Joy and Happiness

On the eve of the competition, President Marius Vizer had the pleasure of attending a concert of famous ...

Junior Worlds
Referee Judo Session: Sweat at the Service of Fair Decisions

As the 2021 Junior World Championships in Olbia were about to begin all the referees, the Referee Commission, ...

Junior Worlds
France: We Are a Team

We will only be able to draw conclusions from these Junior World Championships in a few days, but we ...

Junior Worlds
The USA Junior Team Is Ready to Open the 2021 Junior World Championships

The Junior World Championships are about to open in Olbia, Italy, where the United States team has arrived ...

Official Draw
Junior Worlds in Olbia: The Most Prestigious Event

The remote draw procedure is now fully established. At 2:00p.m.

Being a Junior

Being a junior is saying goodbye to adolescence and introducing yourself to maturity.

Zagreb Grand Prix - Day 3
Thank You Zagreb

The first major event on the calendar after the success of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, the Zagreb Grand ...

Zagreb Grand Prix: Day 3
Technical Analysis: the Ranking Speaks Volumes

Armen Bagdasarov, himself an Olympic medallist, knows all too well how important the World Judo Tour ...

Barbara Matic: A New Feeling

Throughout the weekend, a particular spectator walked the aisles of the Arena Zagreb.

World Judo Tour Judoka
Why Compete in Zagreb?

The dust has barely settled but Tokyo feels both far away and somehow still with us.

Zagreb Grand Prix - Day 2
Redemption Day in Zagreb

Four new categories were in action on the second day of the Zagreb Grand Prix in Croatia.