Olympic Interview
Abe and Abe: an Impossible Record to Beat?

We are now a few weeks beyond the Olympic and Paralympic Games and for some days there was calm in the ...

"I Feel Useful"

It is easy to recognise Dr Antonio Castro. He is that man who goes from one place to another, always ...

The Azerbaijani Banquet

On Friday Azerbaijan opened the Paralympic judo party with two gold medals and on Saturday they added ...

Athlete365 Supports Tokyo Olympians

As members of the Athlete365 community and in support of Tokyo Olympians, several opportunities are available ...

Tokyo 2020: Editorial
Judo Wins, Olympism Reigns

This Olympic Games, in Tokyo, amid masks and quiet and traffic-free roads, was stripped back to its simplest ...

The Tokyo Apotheosis (2)

The heat and the absence of traffic were the first thing I noticed after landing in Japan.

The Tokyo Apotheosis

It has been two weeks since the Olympic judo tournament ended in apotheosis with the victory of the France ...

From Johannesburg to Tokyo

The journey from Johannesburg to Tokyo is long, a 24 hour trip covering 13,527km.

Hope and Work

Siteny Randrianasolo-Niaiko was elected President of the African Judo Union on 18th May in Dakar, but ...

Olympic Judo, Day 8
What a Way to Conclude Our Time in Tokyo!

The long-awaited Tokyo Olympic Games has ended for the judo family.

breaking news
Incredible But True

Once again everything was written in advance, everything except the incredible but true story that the ...

Juan Carlos Barcos Receives His 8th Dan

During the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games, former IJF Head Referee and today's IJF International Affairs Director, ...