For a Safer Society

How safe do we feel in society? This is an important question. The police plays a big part in this.

Zagreb GP
Constant Innovation

The beauty of judo lies not only in its traditions, but also in its continuous evolution.

Zagreb GP
Getting Close to Our Heroes

Where in the world can we come close to the elite in a way that touches us, in a way that inspires us? ...

Zagreb GP
Why Have so Many Teams Travelled to Zagreb?

This is a real question! This is a grand prix, fewer points on offer than at a grand slam and so the ...

Judoka Stories
Anecdotes From Michael Leigh, 9th Dan

Recently we shared an interview with Michael Leigh (GBR), to mark both his 90th birthday and his promotion ...

Masters 2023
Forever Connected

Together in Budapest for the World Judo Masters 2023, are three women who, despite their different roles ...

Masters 2023
The Judo Family in Unison

Any World Judo Tour competition begins with two important events.

“We Cannot Be Indifferent”

Remarkable things happen when remarkable people have remarkable ideas! Daniel Zodian is a remarkable ...

The Awakening of the Phoenix

Do you know Ugo Legrand (FRA) or should we say, do you remember Ugo Legrand? We definitely do.

Hungary Masters
The Only Dilemma

There’s still a month to go until we assemble in Budapest for the 2023 World Judo Masters but we can ...

Astana GS
Will, Effort and Fighting Spirit

Enjoying judo a the top level is easy. It’s spectacular, inspiring and educational all at once.

Dushanbe GP
Clubs and TV Fuel a Growing Federation

The main office of the Tajikistan Judo Federation is located in the same building as the dojo of the ...