Dushanbe GS 2024
The Spirit of Dushanbe

Last year’s Dushanbe Grand Prix took the judo world by storm.

2024 Continental Championships
Daria’s New Smile

In 2017, 16 year old Daria Bilodid (UKR) won the European Championships in Warsaw.

Judo for Peace
Mayukwayukwa Demonstrates that Everything is Possible

Imagine, you woke up at 2:30 a.m., then drove for more than six hours to get to your destination.

Sweden is Preparing For an Exciting Future

Sweden is more and more present around the world and at all levels.

The Uniqueness of Judo
Artful Fingerprints

We could be guided to believe that the intensity of this end part of Olympic qualification is solely ...

Olympic Qualification
The Real Top Ten?

The Olympic Ranking Lists are changing constantly.

IWD 2024
International Women’s Day is Truly International

It’s a happy day! There is an open friendliness and warmth today, the world over, as all people, men ...

Referee Stories
Ioana Babiuc: Helping Someone in the Right Moment is the Point

The faces of the World Judo Tour become evermore familiar the closer we get to an Olympic Games.

Tashkent GS 2024
The Calm Progression of India

At -63 kg, in the first round, Himanshi Tokas (IND) threw Watanabe (PHI) from an o-uchi entry, skilfully ...

International Women's Day 2024
Slovenia’s Judo for Adult Women Programme

Last year, at the Tashkent Grand Slam 2023, we engaged in a conversation with Ms Nuša Lampe (SLO), a ...

Baku GS 2024
Who Did it Happiest?

There were some fantastic performances in Baku but what it means to the athletes is a whole different ...

Baku GS 2024
Good Judo is Good Judo

Ramazan Abdulaev (AIN) won in Baku in 2023 and was back in 2024 with the aim of retaining his title.