Editorial: Following Sabrina
Not Just Any Mountain, Not Just Any Climber

I have been in the very fortunate position of having some contact with Sabrina Filzmoser since before ...

The Best Passport is a Black Belt

What started as an exotic adventure has become a vital experience.

The Shopping Basket

A square in the middle of Sofia, with a piece of a wall that looks like it has lived a long time.

The Ladder of Elite Competition

We can imagine the international scene like a ladder, a tall ladder with the rungs spaced broadly but ...

IJF joins WADA in April 8th ‘Play True for Peace’ celebration

Today, the International Judo Federation joins in celebrating the annual April 8th Play True Day - a ...

What They All Know

What they all know is that it’s hard. They watch the screens from the warm-up room, sharing these mats ...

Technique Focus
The Big, Bold, Beautiful Ura-Nage

It has been called the biggest throw in judo, but it is not its size alone that makes it so enjoyable ...

About the Details

We all understand that our chosen sport is not simply a game.

Spain Is Different (2)

The Basques say that they are born where they want. They do the same thing with food.

Spain Is Different

‘Spain is different,’ says the Ministry of Tourism.

So Far So Good

Changing the year is like turning on the washing machine.

Athlete Stories
Mary Dee Vargas Ley: A Portrait of Patience

Mary Dee Vargas Ley is 25 years old and has been competing for her home country, Chile, on the World ...