Have You Noticed...?

Have you noticed just how much we long to be together now?

Rusty: She was my Mother and the Mother of Equity

The celebrations of the 40th anniversary of the first Women's World Championship are approaching, since ...

Marie-Paule Panza: On the Road to Transmission

Sitting comfortably by the fireside, on a rainy day in the heart of the Vosges mountains in Alsace, she ...

The heiresses of the pioneers

Lisa masters the art of irony. Elisabetta has the same smile as the children on Christmas Day.

South Africa
Covid-19 Has Nothing on Judo

Kazuno Judo, run by Allerdyce Fulton, is a new and energetic addition to Johannesburg’s sporting community. ...

The Most Anticipated Match: Abe v. Sone

For more than 100 years (from 1916 for men and 1990 for women), the KINSHUKI High School Team National ...

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Now that the children of the world have returned to school, perhaps it is time to remember the pedagogical ...

1st Women's Worlds
The world is a richer place with women's judo

In November 2020, the International Judo Federation will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the first ...

The unexpected enemy

There are reputations that kill. There are countries with bad luck.

The hands of judo

Anton Cena is in no rush, but he doesn't like wasting time either.

True or false (4)

This is a true story, or maybe not. What do you think?

A Year On
Remembering Craig Fallon

In July 2019 the world of sport lost one of its greats.