Europe rules in Asia on day 1
BILODID retains while CHKHVIMIANI captures first world title

Ukrainian sensation BILODID repeats while Georgia’s European champion claims his first world title

Judo at the Heart of Refugee Olympic Team in Tokyo

On the occasion of the World Refugee Day that took place on June 20, the IOC announced the list of Refugee ...

World Refugee Day
Congolese Stars help the Young Generation

On the Occasion of the World Refugee Day, discover the story of Fabien Kutama Musuyu and Beaugus Bonianga. ...

World Judo Day 2019
Judokas Planted a Tree in Chelyabinsk

The theme of the 2019 World Judo Day being ‘PLANT A TREE’, after Italy a few weeks ago, it is the ...

World Judo Day 2019
Italy Fully Engaged to Save the Planet

Italy and the Friuli Venezia Giulia regional committee already showed that they were fully engaged to ...

Around the Dojo’s of the World

New book showcases judo like never before. A new 300-page judo book showcases a professional photographer ...

Judo for Peace
Kilis: The Sun is Starting to Shine Again

65.6 million: this is the number of refugees in the world (source UNHCR in 2016).

#WhiteCard #April6
Eyes full of stars

It happens that your destiny escapes from you and that misfortune falls on you.

In Black and White

You can see them in their black suits on the tatami. They are discreet.

Judo for Children
From Dream to Reality in Equatorial Guinea

The Equatorial Guinea Judo Federation (FEGUIJUDO), in Africa, has recently joined the family of national ...

From Martial Art to Olympic Sport - PART 6

On the road to Tokyo 2020, we publish on a regular basis a series of articles about the history of judo. ...

Gender Equity
Husband and Wife to empower Women in Judo

Johannes Daxbacher (GER) has been involved in Ethiopia for many years, together with his wife Regina, ...