The Lady with a Secret

In 1972, being a woman and practising judo in Ecuador was frowned upon.

Rusty Kanakogi and Her Battle for Women’s Rights

By Andrea Sozzi - In late November 1980, in New York, at the incredible Madison Square Garden, in a ...

I am Meghan and you can help my family

I am Meghan. I am 20 months old and the daughter of Szandra Szogedi. I was born without oxygen.

Jane Bridge: The Survival Instinct

Born on 4th February 1960 in England, Jane Bridge is known for being among the first women in history ...

What really happened on 28th October?

While we have just celebrated the 10th edition of World Judo Day, from which we are still collecting ...

World Judo Day 2020
Stronger Together: It’s Like Taking a Breath

‘Hi, how are you?’ A kiss on each cheek. With a few we’ve really missed, a hug, several seconds ...

The Lottery of Life

It is not easy to write about Saeid Mollaei without repeating yourself.

Brown Is The New Black

She is probably the person who enjoyed her time the most in Budapest.

We are watching!

It’s no secret that the whole world has been waiting for the restart and we are finally here.

"We Feel Safe"

It seems like yesterday, the last time we spoke to Ilias Iliadis.

The Bilodid Mystery

When the Grand Slam Hungary draw ended the inevitable rumour machine was turned on.

The Good Doctor

We were looking for a really authoritative opinion, the voice of an expert, a real one; someone with ...